Day 69/ 365 – More sunlight shots with Charlie

Here’s a great shot from yesterday.  The blinds were open, the light was streaming in, we had a really good play session, the dogs were tuckered out.  Here’s Charlie sunning himself.  And I had an epiphany, let me get on their level.  So I put the camera on the ground and guessed at the settings.  It came out looking pretty good.  I was going to edit it in Lightroom, but I have no idea what to do, so I figured I’d let this be.  I like this picture a lot though.


Day 68 – Playing with sunlight

I’m finally playing with my new laptop.  How in the world does anyone get through the learning curve with mac?  it’s so DIFFERENT!  Oh well, I’m hoping that making this jump was the right decision.  wish me luck!

And on top of that, I downloaded a free trial of Lightroom 5.  Wow, overwhelming much!  I’m trying to youtube tutorials, but with the “awesome” speed of satellite internet (can you tell I’m being sarcastic?), it’s a no go.  So I ordered a Scott Kelby book on LR.  I remember liking his book on photography as an overview, so hopefully he’ll help break down what LR is all about

in the meantime, I had a pretty great “photoshoot” this morning.  I took a lot of great photos of Ariya and the dogs, which I’ll post today and in the coming days.

And here’s my first attempt of editing.  Enjoy!


Day 20/365 – Playing in the sunlight

And…playing catch up again.  I swear, it’s been kind of difficult to pick up the camera to take daily pictures..or if I do take daily pictures, it’s tough to load the pictures to my laptop every day.  But I’ll keep doing my best!

I love this shot of my daughter staring towards the window, with her signature pose, hands to mouth.