Day 119 – Toys

I’ve been getting a little frustrated with the quality of my pictures.  There’s always something wrong.  The house doesn’t get enough light, my camera doesn’t allow for a higher ISO (its’ limit is 1600), my pictures always look so grainy.  Plus it doesn’t help that my baby is CONSTANTLY moving, she just won’t hold still 🙂  Which isn’t a bad thing unless I’m trying to take pictures of her.

So, with that being said, I mentioned yesterday that I’m going to start taking pictures of stationary items, to try and nail the focus.  Here’s my attempt…although I wish the focus was more on the eyes and not the nose of the stuffed animal.

119_022714_1 119_022714_3

And of course I had to take a picture of my baby




Day 106/ 365 – Happy Valentine’s Day

Today is a mishmash of pictures, no particular theme in mind.  We’re still snowed in, after getting 20 inches of snow.  My husband started shoveling the driveway yesterday, but our neighbor was kind enough to help and used their plow.  Except that it was REALLY windy last night, so the driveway was covered AGAIN.  Poor guy had to shovel the driveway again.  Time to invest in a snowblower.

Anyway, here are my pics of the day.

Charlie loves his peanut butter

106_021414_1 106_021414_2

My two Valentines playing on the floor



and intensely watching the Olympics and drinking Angry Orchard Cider106_021414_4

Time to wash the day away


And flowers from my hubby


As you can tell, I’m playing around with different editing techniques.  Not exactly sure what my style is yet, but I like everything that I’m creating so far!