Day 25/365 – The cat roars

Here’s Lucky, my sweet shy cat.  Poor guy has a lead foot, and is not the most nimble, or quiet.  He’s such a lap cat, but ever since I got my second dog Charlie (who loves to chase cats), Lucky has been kinda hanging out in the kitchen.  We try to give him as much attention as possible, and he’s getting braver and braver by sneaking around when the dogs are sleeping.  I wish we could all just get along.


Day 20/365 – Playing in the sunlight

And…playing catch up again.  I swear, it’s been kind of difficult to pick up the camera to take daily pictures..or if I do take daily pictures, it’s tough to load the pictures to my laptop every day.  But I’ll keep doing my best!

I love this shot of my daughter staring towards the window, with her signature pose, hands to mouth.