Day 166 – 169 – Playing catch up again

Ok, I really don’t mean to let all the days go by without posting, but at the end of the day, I’ve just been so exhausted, I haven’t had a chance to upload or edit anything.  So, here are my photos.  I will make more of an effort to keep it up on a daily basis.  I am loving my new nikon 610 and tamron lens.  Definitely more capability than my old nikon d40x, although, I still take pictures with that camera also.  My goal for this weekend is to look into some creative exercises or breakout sessions on clicking moms.  I need to get out of this rut and see some improvement.

166_041514 167_041614 168_041714 169_041814

Day 150 – “fake” double exposure

I love the pictures out there of double exposure.  Some use a camera setting, overlaying 1 image over the other in the camera.  Others use photoshop.  This picture is really just a reflection of me through the door while trying to take a picture of my pup on the other side.  I like it, it’s weird, but I like it.


Day 144 and 145 – Family time and more baby pics

My parents came to visit for the weekend, so I had to take group photos.  Unfortunately, I used the light from my huge window incorrectly.  The light seemed pretty harsh, and I didn’t really have a way around processing it.  So here goes144_032414_1 144_032414_3.


And then today, I ended up taking a series of photos of my girl staring out the window watching it snow…I played around with different edits.  i like them all.

145_032514_1 145_032514_6 145_032514_5 145_032514_4 145_032514_3 145_032514_2