Day 118 – Matte & Split lighting

Yesterday, I had a suggestion to take one of the pictures as Black and White. So here’s the result.


I think lately, I’m definitely falling into a black and white accidental split lighting/matt rut.  I like the picture for today, but I really need to switch it up.  I need to work on my focus, I feel like my pictures are not as sharp as I’d like.  It can be tough with a wiggle worm like my baby.  So maybe tomorrow, I’ll challenge myself to take one of Ariya’s toys and really nail the focus on it.  Wish me luck!


Day 115 – Accidental Split Light

So, from one of yesterday’s photos, someone suggested increasing the exposure on the picture.  I’ve never really tried to understand the histogram, and would just eyeball increasing the exposure in Lightroom until it looked visually appealing to me.  But I tried to make sense of the histogram for this picture and increase the exposure until it somewhat evened out.


However for this next photo, I didn’t want to look at the histogram at all.  I’ve attempted split lighting before, but wasnt very successful.  This time, I looked at the pictures that I took today, and what did I get from Ariya today but split lighting.  Awesome.  Totally by accident.  I just adjusted the levels a bit and added a matte effect and here is the result.115_022314_1

Day 105 – Matte effect

So, I’ve downloaded a ton of presets for Lightroom within the past few days, because, well, why not.  there are some amazing looking pictures out there, and I wanted to figure out how to edit my pictures to look amazing too.  Next level amazing, anyway.  So, after watching a new tutorial on how to create a Matte effect, I thought why not.  So here goes.