10 on 10 – June

It’s that time again, 10 on 10 for June. Check out what we did today.  All of these photos were taken with the Fuji x100t.  Trying to get used to it before our big trip to Italy.  But first….

Amazing light will make even the most cluttered kitchen seem not so bad.   DSCF4711

Oh poor pitiful Charlie.  Poor guy has allergies, and what I found out today, hives.  Go figure.  Don’t worry, we now have medicine for him, and hopefully it will all get better soon.DSCF4720

Waiting in the dentist’s office while I get my teeth cleaned.DSCF4725

And now it’s Ariya’s turn.  This girl was a ROCK STAR.  She got her teeth cleaned and a fluoride treatment.  16 teeth, but no 2 year molars yet.  She got to pick out 3 prizes and got a Frozen balloon.  She seems pretty happy here.


After that, we went to the Discovery museum to meet up with friends.  She’s not too concerned with my camera, she’s all about playing with her friends.DSCF4740

As you can tell here.


After lunch, we got home and attempted a nap.  This girl was too amped up to nap, so it was tv time.  I try to get in the image sometimes.  The fuji is great for selifies!DSCF4758

I’m obsessed with this girl’s eyelashes!  I’m trying out the macro option here.DSCF4765

I’m also obsessed with light.  I just wrapped up a workshop called Magic of Light, taught by Summer Murdock.  Her work is awesome, you should definitely check her out!DSCF4771

This girl is obsessed with light switches.  Off…on…off..on….. and on and on it goes.DSCF4803

Trying to wind down for bed.


YES!  BED TIME!  but first, let’s read a book.DSCF4830


This was my day!  To follow our awesome blog circle, please check out Cindy at Charming Hearts here.

Day 120 – Peekaboo!

Ok, back to photographing babies.  or my baby, that is.  My friend on Facebook suggested I go through each room at different times of the day to see where the light falls.  I discovered that my bedroom actually has amazing light in the morning.  I never realized, because we always keep the  blinds down and we’re usually downstairs in front of the tv with the dogs, or we’re in Ariya’s room.  So, I thought it was great to use the light, and not worry so much about the settings.  Here’s Ariya playing peekaboo.


Day 119 – Toys

I’ve been getting a little frustrated with the quality of my pictures.  There’s always something wrong.  The house doesn’t get enough light, my camera doesn’t allow for a higher ISO (its’ limit is 1600), my pictures always look so grainy.  Plus it doesn’t help that my baby is CONSTANTLY moving, she just won’t hold still 🙂  Which isn’t a bad thing unless I’m trying to take pictures of her.

So, with that being said, I mentioned yesterday that I’m going to start taking pictures of stationary items, to try and nail the focus.  Here’s my attempt…although I wish the focus was more on the eyes and not the nose of the stuffed animal.

119_022714_1 119_022714_3

And of course I had to take a picture of my baby