One Second of Every Day – February 2017

I have to say, this must be the easiest project I have ever done.  One second of video every day.  The only thing I have to remember to do is pick up my dslr and take some video every day.  Since I’m already doing a digital 365 with my dslr, this is pretty easy to do.  What also helps is being part of a blog circle, that accountability really helps me follow through.  If you missed our January, you can check out that blog post here. And if you were ever curious about the other videos that I’ve done throughout the year, you can find out my videos on vimeo here. Check out our February, and when you’re done, feel free to follow the blog circle here!

Everyday Films Family Films Workshop Review

I am a workshop addict.  Ever since picking up my dslr and starting my first Project 365, I’ve taken more than a few online workshops from Clickin Moms, The Define School, the Bloom Forum and one in person workshop.  I just love to learn all that I can.  I’m still trying to figure it all out.  I have no idea what my style is.  I just love documenting my family.

I’ve formed close friendships with other classmates from the workshops that I’ve taken.  For a while, we’ve encouraged (you could say enabled) each other’s investments in our expensive hobby/career.  The most recent encouragement was to sign up for a video workshop.  Now, I’ve tried signing up for a video workshop last year, but it wasn’t structured enough for me, and the information was kind of all over the place, hard to search for, and I lost motivation pretty quickly.  I admire the artist very much, but her workshop was a waste of money for me.  I’m hoping I can revisit her information, and now that I’m in the right frame of mind, learn more.

But this isn’t a review about my previous attempt into videos.  This blog post is about Emily with Everyday Films and her workshop DSLR Video Storytelling Workshop.  This workshop has been eye opening.  It’s about 4 weeks with 12 lessons about your dslr settings for video, what lens works best for video, gear, styling your shoot, watching Emily shoot video during a family session, go behind the scenes to watch Emily edit in Lightroom and put it all together in Adobe Premier Pro.  It was amazing.

Now, I’m just a hobbyist that loves to document my family, and I hope to make this a regular thing.  Perhaps a video a month.  But with the baby coming next month, I may have to give myself a break in January.  I don’t know, we’ll see.  But I could see this being the next big thing.  Photos are wonderful, amazing ways to document life, but videos show  life as it happens in real time (for the moment anyway). My daughters voice, her mannerisms, her interactions with me and her father, our pets, our extended family.  I want to remember these moments forever.

Here’s my final assignment, all that I’ve learned from this workshop.