Day 150 – “fake” double exposure

I love the pictures out there of double exposure.  Some use a camera setting, overlaying 1 image over the other in the camera.  Others use photoshop.  This picture is really just a reflection of me through the door while trying to take a picture of my pup on the other side.  I like it, it’s weird, but I like it.


Day 109, 110, 111 – Random pictures

Here are a few random pictures, no theme for these days.  Just playing around with editing

Valentine’s Day Flowers


Ariya playing with her new latches board.  She gets a little frustrated when she can’t open the doors


Bonding with “nani-ma” over a medical book. 111_021914_2

Minnie Mouse


Ariya watching Charlie get his dinner out of a treat ball.  Best thing ever.111_021914

Day 106/ 365 – Happy Valentine’s Day

Today is a mishmash of pictures, no particular theme in mind.  We’re still snowed in, after getting 20 inches of snow.  My husband started shoveling the driveway yesterday, but our neighbor was kind enough to help and used their plow.  Except that it was REALLY windy last night, so the driveway was covered AGAIN.  Poor guy had to shovel the driveway again.  Time to invest in a snowblower.

Anyway, here are my pics of the day.

Charlie loves his peanut butter

106_021414_1 106_021414_2

My two Valentines playing on the floor



and intensely watching the Olympics and drinking Angry Orchard Cider106_021414_4

Time to wash the day away


And flowers from my hubby


As you can tell, I’m playing around with different editing techniques.  Not exactly sure what my style is yet, but I like everything that I’m creating so far!


Day 105 – Matte effect

So, I’ve downloaded a ton of presets for Lightroom within the past few days, because, well, why not.  there are some amazing looking pictures out there, and I wanted to figure out how to edit my pictures to look amazing too.  Next level amazing, anyway.  So, after watching a new tutorial on how to create a Matte effect, I thought why not.  So here goes.




Day 92 – Sunrise

One of the suggestions that I got from yesterday was to see how Charlie looked if the picture was Black and White.  So I thought I’d play around with the levels. Here it is.



And here’s the first time that I’ve taken a sunrise.  The colors were beautiful.  I enhanced it slightly with Lightroom



Day 90/91 – Nap time

I need to take this photography thing on the road, in a different setting.  I feel like I’m in another rut, and I just need to get out of this environment, take pictures of different subjects.  I live in a pretty scenic area, and there are always cows and sheep to look at.  I wish I could just pull over and take some pictures.  But this country road does not have any shoulders, and I’d probably make some drivers pretty upset.  I can’t wait until it warms up, so that I can take Ariya for a stroll and take some scenic pictures.

In the mean time, I’ve captured (or attempted to capture) nap time for Ariya and Charlie.  I say attempted to for Ariya because she can be a light sleeper.  I’ve tried taking pictures of her when she’s asleep, but she wakes up as soon as I walk in her room!  So here’s the first picture that I actually got of her lying down.  She’s always on the go, so this was pretty huge.


it’s also hard to capture Charlie napping, only because he’s always trying to do something, go somewhere, be outside.  I think I’ve let him out 3 times already in one hour tonight!  There’s always something exciting out there.  But for once, he was calm today.  Must have been that huge flinstone type bone that he’s been gnawing on all day.


Day 83/ 365 – Black and White Play and a challenge

I received a challenge from the last picture that I posted.  Someone had suggested that I remove my husband’s shadow and create a tighter crop.  now I’m wondering if I should remove the shadow from the bushes to the right of my puppy.  But what do you think?  Pretty good challenge, I need more practice with my cloning 🙂82_012214_1

But for today’s pictures, I was in a black and white kind of mood.  I really liked the shadows of these pictures.

82_012214_2 82_012214_3

Day 82/ 365 – Black & White Snow Day

Still working through Lightroom.  Snow days are great, the dogs always have a blast and are running and playing through the snow.  I love taking pictures of them playing, but with snow days, they always look so gray and dreary.  So I thought I’d try a black and white conversion here.  How does it look?