Have you met…Me?

Early on in my photography journey, I’ve done tons of research, read lots of articles and watched a lot of tutorials.  This was how I stumbled upon Click It Up a Notch.  I started my first Project 365 because of that site, as it gave me inspiration and courage to try it.  A while back, Courtney from Click It Up a Notch asked for submissions to be featured.  And what do you know, I’ve been featured!  You can find the article here.  Check it out, and enjoy!



It’s amazing how a mutual love of photography has brought together a group of ladies from all over the world.  I can’t speak for everyone else’s journey, but I found this wonderful group of like minded friends through Click It Up a Notch when I decided to do my first Project 365.  These ladies have been so encouraging, thoughtful, inspirational and just all around wonderful to get to know.  I’m so glad that I’ve met them.  Feel free to show them some Facebook love!