Day 140 and 141 – Remote Control and Cats

This girl is love with the remote control.  I’m not sure why she doesn’t play with her toy remote control, or the other 2 remote controls w/o batteries in them.  Nope, she wants the one remote control that actually works.  She loves those buttons.


140_032014_2 140_032014_3

And here’s Day 141.  Got my cheapie vivitar bounce flash.  Love how it crapped out on me after a handful of shots.  Yeah, that’s what I get for buying a cheapie flash.  And of course B&H is closed until Monday.  ugh, should I splurge, or should I get another cheapie?  I did like the results…. Here’s Lucky, checking out the flash.141_032114_1

And here’s a black & white version.


Day 25/365 – The cat roars

Here’s Lucky, my sweet shy cat.  Poor guy has a lead foot, and is not the most nimble, or quiet.  He’s such a lap cat, but ever since I got my second dog Charlie (who loves to chase cats), Lucky has been kinda hanging out in the kitchen.  We try to give him as much attention as possible, and he’s getting braver and braver by sneaking around when the dogs are sleeping.  I wish we could all just get along.