Day 117 – Random photoshoot

I took a ton of pictures today.  No real theme here, I just wanted to play with lightroom.

Someone is playing peekaboo117_022514_1

Here I tried a little split lighting and split toning.  The split toning doesn’t work at all, but she does look cute sucking her thumb laying down.117_022514_2

Something weird here is going on, with how bright her outfit is.  But I love the background.  Just need to figure out how to fix her outfit. 117_022514_3


Lately, Ariya has been obsessed with glass doors.  Here she is looking at the dogs waiting outside.


And then licking the glass door.117_022514_5

And when I tell her to stop, she gives me the “what did I do?” look.117_022514_6


And of course, I had to take a picture of Charlie.  I saw a stray dog on the side of the road today and took him to the SPCA.  He looked like he had recent surgery and I was worried at how cold it was out there today.  The dog proceeded to crap all over my car because he was so scared, poor guy.  I hope his owners claim him.  But that got me all emotional and made me want to hug my pets and keep them close to me.  I would be heartbroken if any of my pets were out there alone in the cold.


Day 103 and 104 / 365 – Baby girl is 10 months old and Abandoned barn

I took advantage of my baby girl falling asleep in the car by taking a drive around my area. Found a few abandoned buildings, but I liked the processing on this one. My husband says it looks creepy scary abandoned.



After getting a critique from my Facebook 365 group that I’m a part of, here’s another edit of the barn.  Really makes the barn stand out here:


Also, I forgot to post Day 103.  It was late in the day, and I forgot to take a picture of my girl wearing her 10 month sticker.  Wow, how time flies!!


Day 92 – Sunrise

One of the suggestions that I got from yesterday was to see how Charlie looked if the picture was Black and White.  So I thought I’d play around with the levels. Here it is.



And here’s the first time that I’ve taken a sunrise.  The colors were beautiful.  I enhanced it slightly with Lightroom



Day 84/ Black and White bath time

I’m part of a Project 365 group on Facebook, and one of the members had posted a youtube tutorial on how to edit a picture that she had taken of bath time.  The way she had edited it made it look like the bath tub was black.  It was really an interesting picture.  So, I took that as a challenge to try and recreate.

Here’s my version of it.


Day 83/ 365 – Black and White Play and a challenge

I received a challenge from the last picture that I posted.  Someone had suggested that I remove my husband’s shadow and create a tighter crop.  now I’m wondering if I should remove the shadow from the bushes to the right of my puppy.  But what do you think?  Pretty good challenge, I need more practice with my cloning 🙂82_012214_1

But for today’s pictures, I was in a black and white kind of mood.  I really liked the shadows of these pictures.

82_012214_2 82_012214_3