Day 84/ Black and White bath time

I’m part of a Project 365 group on Facebook, and one of the members had posted a youtube tutorial on how to edit a picture that she had taken of bath time.  The way she had edited it made it look like the bath tub was black.  It was really an interesting picture.  So, I took that as a challenge to try and recreate.

Here’s my version of it.


Day 37/ 365 – Bath time!

I’m playing around with an 85mm lens that I got from  I think I prefer my nifty fifty to this lens, but hey, it’s worth playing around with while I have it.  My husband helped give our daughter a bath while I sat around taking pictures.  They weren’t all great, but here’s one that was pretty sweet.  This teething thing is going on forever, she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth!