Day 73/ 365 – Play date

Today was not a very creative day for me.  I took my puppy to scent work class, which knocked him out for pretty much the rest of the day.  Best investment ever.  If I could take him to this class every day, I would.  Then I took Ariya for a play date with her friend Sei.  I’m not really impressed with this picture, and I think I over-processed it.  And  guess I didn’t have enough space or thought to back up to get his whole head.  But hey, it’s a learning process, right? Plus kids move so fast!


Day 20/365 – Playing in the sunlight

And…playing catch up again.  I swear, it’s been kind of difficult to pick up the camera to take daily pictures..or if I do take daily pictures, it’s tough to load the pictures to my laptop every day.  But I’ll keep doing my best!

I love this shot of my daughter staring towards the window, with her signature pose, hands to mouth.