Day 137 – Snow on St. Paddy’s day

Can’t believe it snowed today.  Ugh, so over this winter!  But it gave me a reason to put Ariya in her snowsuit.

137_031714_1 137_031714_2

I also took pictures of Ariya trying to feed herself.  This has been an interesting adventure, in teaching Ariya to feed herself.  She loves chewing on her spoon!137_031714_3

And here’s a SOOC (Straight out of Camera) shot of Ariya.  Which led me to my latest frustration of why I can’t get sharp photos of my girl.  Is it because she’s always moving?  Is it because my camera’s highest ISO is 1600?  Is it because the natural light in my house SUCKS?  A combination of all?  I don’t know, but something has to change.  I need to up my shutter speed, decrease my aperture, raise my ISO.  The only thing about maxing out my ISO is that I hate the grain.  A work in progress though.  And I have come a long way in my 137 days of shooting daily.  But I still feel like i have  TON to learn.  And I want to know it all NOW!  


Day 107/ 108 – my baby girl



For day 107, we went to a nearby winery.  I’m so proud of my baby girl, she’s really a good kid.  As long as she’s not sleepy, she’s pretty much a happy go lucky girl.  Here she is on my husband’s lap, while we’re enjoying wine and cheese for a belated Valentine’s Day celebration.


For day 108, I feel like something clicked for me to get more in focus.  Before, I had shot at f1.8 aperture, which means the window is smaller to get in focus.  But I think these pictures were shot at f2.0.  So I’ve been experimenting with it.108_021614

Someone within my project 365 group suggested I try to crop Ariya’s eyes in the upper left thirds.  I’m not one to follow much rules, but I gave it a try.  The Rule of thirds is a rule that some photographers use that allows the viewers eyes to draw into the picture, it’s supposed to be naturally pleasing to the eye.  It’s a shame that I couldn’t compose it originally, but here goes my attempt.



Someone else suggested a black and white conversion and straighten out the bannister so here goes.