Letters to My Children – April 2022

Ariya is officially 9 years old. I can’t believe it. We had a birthday party for you at the roller skating rink, and I think you had a blast. Everyone had a great time, even me. Your daddy and I put on our roller skates and took a few turns around the rink.

Asha had an Arts Start session with Ms Abby at SCAA where she got a chance to learn all about bugs and reconnected with an old pre-school friend.

Anika experienced her first Easter Egg hunt with church, her pre-school and at Grandma’s house! Yup, we went down to visit Nani and Nanu and then drove down to Grandma’s for Easter. We got to hang out with Auntie Carmen, Auntie Anjuanette, Uncle Kashiff, Mekai and Jayden, so that was fun. And you had your own Easter baskets from Grandma and presents from Christmas. Christmas in April, how fun!

We did make it to Burnside Farms to pick tulips. You guys had a blast playing on the inflatables, but I loved picking the tulips. Or, taking photos of you all picking the tulips. It was chilly, it had rained, and was pretty muddy.

We also celebrated Apple Blossom! You girls had the day off, so we got to watch a little bit of the Fireman’s parade before joining Daddy by Handley high school and watching the fireworks. We caught up with friends, you all chased each other and danced, ate cotton candy and cuddled close when the temperature dropped. Yeah, it was warm during the day, but when the sun set, it was COLD. But the fireworks were amazing.

Then we went to a friend’s house for the apple blossom parade, and wow, that was so much fun. We saw so many floats drift by. You played with your friends, we all hung out. Good times were had.

Unfortunately, the weather was terrible on the day we tried to go to the carnival. It’s a yearly tradition and we just could not predict the thunderstorms. We kept thinking it would stop, but by the time it did, the carnival started packing up and we missed our chance. Ariya, you were heartbroken. I was pretty sad too. Luckily, we have some adventures planned for the summer.

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