Letters to My Children – December 2021

Dear Ariya,

We had a lot of plans for December. Lots of family time. Niraj mama, Hyeon mami, Eila and Kailas flew all the way over from Singapore to spend time with us in Virginia. We celebrated Asha’s birthday in Richmond. We went on this really cool adventure course, full of zip lining and swinging logs and nets. It looked super fun. I was busy taking pictures and video. And then the following weekend, we stayed at the National Harbor. So many Christmas events happening there. There was snow tubing indoors. A christmas village, complete with gingerbread cookie decorations. And mostly just running around with your cousins. It was a fun time.

And then winter vacation happened. Grandma, Auntie Carmen, Phelix, Uncle Eric and Blue came to visit. We found out that your cousin Jayden had covid before he was planning to come up, so Mekai, Auntie Anjuanette and Uncle Kashiff had to stay home too 😦 But we still had fun.

There were a lot of presents to open. A lot. I think you were a very happy kid on Christmas morning.

New Year’s Eve was also friend. We had our close friends, the Stephens’ come to stay up with us. We had dinner, you all played and then we watched on tv when the ball dropped. We set off noise makers and sparklers and champagne. Well, you had sparkling cider and you loved it in those champagne flutes.

I just know 2022 will be a better year for all of us.

Dear Asha,

Wow, you turned 6! When did you become such a big girl?!?! I still look at your baby pictures and wonder where my cutie patootie went? Don’t get me wrong, you are still a cutie patootie, just bigger, sillier and more independent. The day before your birthday, I brought cupcakes into your classroom, so your friends could celebrate your birthday with you. I even brought treat bags for everyone, which I think everyone loved. We went to Richmond to celebrate with nani and Nanu, and your cousins from Singapore were there! We had donuts for breakfast. Grandma, Auntie Anjuanette, Uncle Kashiff, Jayden and Mekai met us at the adventure course after lunch. And wow, was it fun. You loved every second of it. Even when you were scared of the finale zip line. I was so proud of you, you were so brave!! Afterwards, we went back to Nani and Nanu’s for pizza and cake! you loved your LOL cake, and all of your presents. And afterwards, we went for a holiday drive to see the Christmas lights. I’d say it was a pretty fun birthday.

The next weekend, we went to the National Harbor to spend more time with your cousins Eila and Kailas. Wow, you hung on to Eila way more than I thought you would, she was like the big sister you always wanted, haha. Just kidding, I know you love having Ariya around, but you were excited to have another big sister to cling to. Poor Kailas was feeling left out with the gaggle of girls around him, but we tried to include him in everything. You had so much fun with the indoor snow tubing and just running around with everyone. And the Ferris Wheel was a major highlight. That was pretty cool.

After that was winter break. We decorated Christmas cookies, spread reindeer food in the front yard for the reindeers. We left out those cookies for Santa. You had fun with Phelix and Blue but were super bummed that Mekai couldn’t make it. We were all sad. And it was strange to have spring weather on Christmas day. You were outside in a t-shirt playing! We all played on the tire swing, you chased each other and jumped off the bridge.

And then we celebrated New Year’s Eve with our friends. You were so excited to have Aaliyah here. Lots of playing, chasing, celebrating. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings you.

Dear Anika,

You were so excited to be at Nani and Nanu’s house! So much excitement with Eila and Kailas. We had to leave you at home with Nani and nanu while Asha did the adventure course, but you did great! Nani and Nanu were happy to spend quality time with you, and you stayed in your jammies all day.

You loved the hotel stay at the National Harbor. You ran after your sisters in the hotel hallways, and downstairs where the Christmas tree was. You loved the ferris wheel and feeding the ducks at the harbor. There were lots of good times, especially with the light show.

You were sad for winter break. You missed your school so much. But it was way better when Ariya and Asha were off of school. Lots of playing, lots of being lazy. It was great.

You weren’t able to stay up for midnight, but that’s ok, you did get plenty of play time in before going to bed. Let’s hope 2022 is even bigger and better and brighter for you!

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