Letters to My Children – November 2021

Dear Ariya,

It’s November! Diwali and then Thanksgiving to look forward to! I came to your classroom to do a diya craft and handed out Indian sweets from the grocery story. Most kids like them, but there were a few that didn’t. It didn’t hurt my feelings. Your classmates are so sweet, really good kids. I read “Amma, tell me about Diwali” and I think everyone was really fascinated by evil Ravana and the 10 heads.

We’ve had some warm weather, got together with friends outside at the MSV trails. It’s been a pretty warm fall. I’m worried that we won’t have a snowy winter with how the weather has been acting. But I’m thankful that we have decent weather to play outside for as long as we can.

Thanksgiving was a funny holiday. You were bummed that we weren’t going to see Grandma. Daddy had to work, and I don’t know how to make turkey, so I basically invited us over to a friend’s house. Unfortunately, their kids’ babysitter had Covid, so we didn’t want to risk it. So we ended up going to another friend’s house, and it was great. You played with Aidan and Declan, and their cousins. There was kick the can, hiking in the woods, chasing each other, playing with their puppy Penny. You didn’t want to leave, but it was Anika’s bed time and we had to go.

We started thinking of ideas for holiday gifts. I had this idea to make a chunky blanket for all of our extended family, and you wanted to learn how to help me. So we started this project of making Grandma a chunky blanket. You helped a lot, and I really appreciate it! But you didn’t have it in you to continue, and I was inspired to make blankets for your aunties and uncles, and for Nani and Nanu. I think it was a fun project, I really liked making chunky blankets. When the holidays are all over, I’ll make you, Asha, Anika and Daddy one as well.

Dear Asha,

We had Balvihar in person a few times, so I actually taught your class (which was really just Maya and you). You have such a love/hate relationship with Maya. I think it’s because you two have very similar personalities. You get along great, but you are both so stubborn too. It’s so interesting seeing you two interact. We did yoga, read about Diwali (we read Amma, tell me about Diwali, you girls are used to reading about evil Ravana and his 10 heads), and did a diya craft that was practice for when I come to your classroom!

I came to your classroom as well, to read a Diwali book called “Maya and Neel’s Indian Adventure, Let’s Celebrate 5 days of Diwali”. Your classmates are so sweet and funny, I had a great time reading to you all, and I think we all had fun doing the diva craft. It was tougher for you and your classmates to fold the fan but you all did a great job!

You’re still enjoying ballet and tae kwon do which is great. And we are gearing up for the holidays, which is so exciting! you loved having a long weekend. Lots of chill time and playing.

Dear Anika,

What can I say, you are talking more and more. Your vocabulary is growing, and your personality is really shining through. You are so sweet and cuddly independent and stubborn. You never want to be left behind, and always say “I miss my Asha, I miss my Ariya” when they are at school. You are so sad when you find out it’s not your day to go to school. But when you do go to school, you insist on wearing a “tutu”. Even if it’s your pajamas. I’m just happy if I get some clothes on you. You love the tv show Bluey and the movie Moana. I am just loving the stage that you’re in no, even if I do miss the baby you once were.

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