Letters to My Children – October 2021

Dear Ariya,

It’s been a pretty cool month. You worked so hard at Tae Kwon Do and finally got your yellow belt! You had to take a test and everything. Ballet has been great as always. We went to Richmond for our friend’s quincinera, and while we were there, we went to the Richmond zoo. So much fun! And you are just like me, you had your install camera, ready to take pictures every chance you got! We also went to a vegetarian festival, which was more for me than for you. Nanu came with us. I wanted to try all the cool vegetarian food, but with you girls around, with no patience to stand in line, we just had one dish, had some snow cones and listened to music. It was something nice to do. We also went to this cool event at Maymont Park, called Garden Glow. We went at night, and they had lights set up everywhere. There was a hay bale maze with lights everywhere. A screen where the lights gave off your shadow. And we walked down to the Japanese Garden. It was BEAUTIFUL. So many beautiful lights. The roll of film that I took did not do it justice at all. Glad I took some video too 🙂

I ended up going to a photography retreat, so you got to spend some quality time with Daddy and your sisters. And luckily, the house was still standing when I came back home.

We did go to a Van Gogh exhibit in Dc for the day and that was so cool! It was a way to see all of Vincent Van Gogh’s work, learn a little bit about his life, and see some things that weren’t as mainstream. And there was a really cool immersion display, this visual of his art that kept changing. You sat and took it all in, but after a while it got to be too much.

At school, we had a trunk or treat event, which you girls loved. We went to our friend Sachiv’s house for his birthday on Halloween, and that was fun, he had a bounce house, chocolate galore, lots of treats. You were Mal the descendent’s. We went trick or treating with our friends the Patels, like we do every year. It was a pretty good time as always.

Dear Asha,

You are still excited about ballet, which is wonderful. Those Thursdays can be rough because ballet is right after school, and after a long day, it’s tough to get enough energy to be excited about ballet. But once you are in the class, you have a great time. Ms Abby is so awesome, we are so lucky to have her as your ballet teacher!

You also earned your yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do, which is amazing. I was worried for a moment that you were not going to stick with it, but you did!

Diwali is coming up, so I taught your class at balvihar. It was just you and Maya but still, it was fun. We did a craft, made a diva, read some stories about Diwali, the festival of lights. I also came into your class room, dressed in my Indian outfit, and read a different story about Diwali. We also did the same craft. I think your classmates liked it. It was fun, and really nice to visit with everyone.

You had fun at the vegetarian festival but you couldn’t understand why we couldn’t go in the play house and play with the other kids. Growing up in a pandemic is tough. You are doing this new thing where you take my camera or this old digital camera that we gave you and take lots of selfies and videos. I think you got that from me 🙂 You had a blast at the zoo. The animals were so fun to look at. You really wanted to feed the giraffe. We spent just enough time to take everything in. And the Garden Glow was great, but you had no care for the crowds, you just ran and ran everywhere. Same with the Vincent Van Gogh exhibit. You and Anika had a ball running around. It was good to get out and see something cool.

Trunk or treat was great, you were Uma from the Descendent’s. You were all about the deserts at Saachiv’s party, and that bounce house was where it was at! Trick or treating was fun, you got SO MUCH CANDY. What I’ve discovered is that you girls are not a fan of snickers, kit kats or reese’s peanut butter cups….but i am…..

Dear Anika,

You are loving school so much. You pretend to cry when I pick you up because you want to stay at school. You get sad when we drop the big girls off at school on the days when you don’t go to school, because if you had it your way, you would go to school every day. It’s kind of crazy how much you love it. But I am so thankful.

No activities for you just yet. When you turn 3, I’m sure all the activities will start. Especially ballet 🙂 You love wearing Ariya and Asha’s old ballet slippers and wearing these old leotards that our friends gave us when Ariya was getting into ballet. They were a little too big for you, but you love playing dress up.

You were Anna from Frozen for Halloween. You loved hanging out with your big sisters for Trunk or Treat at their school, and at Halloween. You wanted to follow Asha into the bounce house at Sachiv’s birthday party, but man, it was bad, those kids were bouncing all around you and it was too much. Maybe next year we can have a bounce house for you.

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