Letter’s to My Children – September 2021

Dear Ariya,

You are getting into the groove of things with school and your activities. You’re still a white belt at Tai Kwon Do and you go twice a week. You love it so much.

Ballet has started and that’s another activity that you’ve missed so much. You are so motivated to stay in ballet, to work towards pointe shoes. I hope you make your goal. I think it might be a few more years before you make pointe, but I love that you love ballet so much and that you’re sticking with it.

School has been great. You are thriving in 3rd grade. You love your teacher, you love to learn. You’re so smart. And I love that the school’s policy is to not have any homework, just focus on reading. Which you already do, so much reading. You always stay up to read, and I can’t complain about that.

You did catch a fever and that sucked. You couldn’t make it to the book fair, and you had to take a COVID test, but luckily it was negative. What strange times these are, when you get a fever and I immediately panic that it’s covid.

We did head down to Richmond to wish Auntie Anjuanette a happy birthday. You loved seeing Mekhai, Grandma, Uncle Eric, Uncle kashiff and Jayden as well. We just went down for the day, had lunch with them, and hung out at their house before it was time to head back home.

Dear Asha,

You are LOVING Kindergarten. The stories you’re telling me of all the friends you’ve made. It cracks me up. So much drama at such a young age. It’s pretty amazing. There was a moment where I picked you up crying and it broke my heart. But luckily you have an amazing teacher and it was all sorted out.

You’re still white belt at Tai Kwon Do and you are happy doing it. But sometimes I think you’re tired, adjusting to the new schedule of being at school all day. And when you’re in Tai Kwon Do, you sometimes just want to sit when everyone else is standing, and the teacher yells at you to stand up (the teacher is a great guy, but very good at motivating you).

Your days at ballet are LONG. You have class, then we have a break for dinner, and then Ariya has class. Longest day ever of the week. When Daddy is at home to help out, we do a switcheroo, so you don’t have to stay at ballet that long. But yeah, it’s tough.

We did go to the book fair that you had at the school. Lucky girl, getting a few books that you put on your wish list. It was great, you had a craft in your teachers room, saw some friends, played and shopped.

We also had a back to school picnic that the PTO helped set up. You had so much fun playing with your friends on the playground. Ariya was bummed that she didn’t get to see her friends, since they split the grade levels and times. But because of Anika’s bedtime, it was better that we came earlier. She still had fun with the siblings of your friends, and it all worked out.

Dear Anika,

You started school this month! Oh my gosh, it was terrifying. You cried and cried and cried every time I tried to drop you off. I had to walk you in to school every day, and try to sneak out when you were distracted. The first few week was rough. But before you knew it, you were LOVING school. After we dropped off the big girls, you would be so excited to go to school. I don’t know why I worried, I knew you would love it! On the days that you don’t go to school, sometimes we go to the park and spend some one on one time together. It’s really nice, you get to swing and explore all by yourself.

We had our friends over for one last time to play in the pool before we closed it up. Oh man, you girls enjoyed that time so much. So sad, saying goodbye to summer. We loved having the pool this summer. After we closed it up, you would ask for the pool. Sorry sweet girl. Swimming outside is done for now.

We took a 3 mile hike to a waterfall with Daddy and wow, you really impressed me. You were all about exploring, keeping up with your big sisters and wanting to hang. There were moments where you had to be picked up. It was pretty special just hanging out by the water. We’ll have to do the hike again in the spring. It was a beautiful trail!

You went to the dentist for the first time, and that was interesting. Your tongue kept trying to get in the way, but thankfully, there was nothing traumatizing to report. You did such a great job in that chair!

We also went apple picking! We went with some church friends, and you got to hang with your favorite guy, Felix. Ariya made a new friend, and so did I. And of course Asha got to hang out with her good friend Clara, so that’s always fun. It was a great day for picking apples.

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