Letters to My Children – August 2021

Dear Ariya,

We met your new principal and assistant principal today! We went to your school and had a meet and greet with them, and it was wonderful. They asked you questions, and you surprised me when you said your favorite subject was math. I almost fainted, haha. And then you said music and art. I’m really surprised that you didn’t say reading. Maybe it just goes without saying. Anyway, I know you are ready to get back into school, even with masks on. I’m nervous about it, the Delta variant of COVID-1 is spreading, and you’re still unvaccinated. But I’m confident that your school will do the best they can to keep you safe.

You finished your tennis camp last night, and are kind of obsessed with hitting the tennis ball. We bought you a a racket, just for yourself, and I even picked up a racket for myself! One day, we went to the park tennis courts and just played a little bit. Asha and Anika were great as our ball girls, running around to chase after the balls. But after a while, they were bored. Maybe we can pick a day when it’s just you and me. Better yet, I’m going to look into getting lessons for you at the local country club. I love that you love tennis. I used to play tennis as a kid and won so many ribbons in our local rec center. I wish I took it further. It felt great to play with you, just like my dad and brother used to play with me.

Tae Kwon Do is still going strong! You love it as much as tennis and want to keep doing it in the fall. I’m so proud of you for sticking with this. You’re learning so much and having so much fun.

The next big thing to focus on is a week at Grandma’s! You’re so excited! You can’t wait to start packing for your trip. Your cousin Mekhai and Jayden was there, along with Auntie Anjuanette and Auntie Carmen. You got to have plenty of sleep overs, watch movies and spend time with family, which was nice.

School started, and you were so happy to be back in school. We decided that Daddy or I would drop you off and pick you up from school. Just until we know things calm down with COVID-19. So far, you love your teachers and are so happy to have a schedule. By the end of the first week, you kind of broke down, you were just so tired. The days are long, and you were ready for the weekend. You’re still glad that we’re not homeschooling, so that’s a plus!

Dear Asha,

My big girl, so full of big emotions. I think I’ll be the one full of emotions on your first day of school. I can’t believe you’ll be in Kindergarten. Where did the time go?!?! And when you met your new principal and assistant principal, I was so surprised at how shy you were. You said your favorite subjects were music and art too. Just like Ariya.

We went to the park today. And you were so upset that Ariya found a friend to play with and you were not your usual outgoing self. You are so ready to go to school, make friends, socialize. This year has been pretty hard on you. We’ve had friends over to play, but it’s not the same as being in school, surrounded by all types of personalities. I’m sorry you’re feeling bad and wish you had more friends to hang out with. School will start soon, and I’m sure you’ll make all the friends you need.

You had kindergarten orientation last night. And man, are you excited. You met your teacher, and saw your classroom. Took a tour of the school, met most of your resource teachers. And you got to ride the school bus for the first time! So exciting! I’m still a little worried about the bus riding, with COVID-19 and everything. So, maybe we’ll do drop off and pick up. I’m not sure.

Your first week of school was amazing. I love hearing your stories about the playground and all of the friends that you’ve made in Kindergarten. I’m so proud of you! You are so bummed that you can’t ride the bus, but I promise, when things calm down with COVID, we can re-evaluate drop off and pick up.

Dear Anika,

You climbed out of your crib tonight. It was bad. You didn’t want to go to sleep, I couldn’t get you to settle, I thought you would settle, and then you went and did it. What does this mean?! Do we have to change you to a toddler bed? I’m not ready! I went ahead and gave you Ariya’s old music box. That distracted you enough to settle and the music lulled you to sleep, so that’s a good thing. But man, I still can’t believe that you are 2 and will soon be in a toddler bed.

So, we are dropping you off at Grandma’s for the first time next week, and I don’t know, I’m not as worried as I was when we first made these plans. You had a great time with Grandma and all of your cousins at your birthday party. I think this will be just what you need to spend some quality time with family.

And of course you did amazing. I was so worried, but you had so much fun playing with your cousins, Grandma and aunties. I had nothing to worry about!

Except getting back into a regular schedule. We are back to skipping naps, climbing out the crib, waking up in the middle of the night. So Daddy went and converted your bed to a toddler bed. At least there’s a place for me to lie down on, to try and get you to settle. Last night, you were singing and dancing while lying down. It was 9pm! And you hadn’t even taken a nap! Why aren’t you tired?!?!

So I went ahead and called Kelly Robson with Baby Bliss Consulting. She was the sleep trainer we used when you were a baby, and she is a baby whisperer. She helped me set a routine and schedule for you to go to sleep. We discovered that you won’t settle for naps, and since you’ve gone without a nap for so long, it just makes sense to have an early bed time. As long as you get 12 hours of sleep, you should be good.

You’re also OBSESSED with Frozen. Anything related to Ana and Elsa. You started wearing frozen pajamas and saying Ana, Elsa, Ana, Elsa. You could watch those movies morning afternoon and night. Asha is super happy about that, but I think Ariya and myself are getting TIRED of Frozen 🙂

Next month, YOU start pre-school. And oh my gosh, there will be tears. Some from you, definitely some from me. I can’t take it, my baby isn’t a baby any more! You’re talking so much more, you have so many more opinions, it’s amazing how fast you’re growing!

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