Letters to My Children – June 2021

Dear Ariya,

Summer summer summer time!! It’s summer time!! We have a lot to look forward to. You and Asha were flower girls in your uncle Neil’s wedding to Melanie. There was a hindu ceremony, a catholic ceremony, and the reception was full of smoke, dance performances and lots of deserts. You girls had a ball dancing with all of your cousins! And it was so fun getting dressed up in your pretty Indian dresses, and fluffy western dresses.

Afterwards, we drove to Baltimore, to fly out of BWI to our BEACH VACATION IN FLORIDA! We rented a condo in Siesta Key, which is right outside of Sarasota. And we had a blast. There was white sand that didn’t burn your feet. The water was so blue/green and clear. We basically stayed at the beach all day and all night. What an easy going vacation. I think we explored once by going to a Ringling museum that covered the history of the circus. It was pretty cool, but I think you were ready to go back to the beach. We cooked breakfast lunch and dinner. I think one day, Daddy ran out and brought home some yummy pastries for breakfast. We packed a cooler for the day and would bring lots of juice for you girls, which was always a treat. By the end of the vacation, I think you girls were ready to go back home, be in your beds, and get back to our lives. I didn’t want to leave. I’m already thinking of when we can go back!

When we came back, we planned a camping trip for you and Asha and Daddy! Anika and I hung out for the day, but I knew that Anika would not sleep well in a tent, so we only stayed for a few hours. You had a blast doing a water rafting trip on the river with your friends.

You started Tae Kwon Do as an activity for the summer. You are definitely a fan. 30 minutes, short and sweet, filled with so much physical activity. You have a uniform and started out with a white belt, and can’t wait to work your way up to a black belt, which would be awesome, if you keep up with it. We’ll see how this summer goes.

Dear Asha,

You had a blast as a flower girl during Neil Uncle and Melanie auntie’s wedding. You were not a fan of the Indian dress I bought for the reception. It was pink and fluffy and sparkly. You said it looked itchy so it must be itchy. You didn’t even try it on. That’s ok, I guess I’ll save it for Anika when she’s ready. So we had to improvise. Gotta love Target Cat and Jack Brand. I bought a pretty sparkly pink and blue dress. You had pretty white ballet shoes and you had a ball dancing at the reception. What a fun day and night. Well, it was a long day, since we started at 8am doing the Bharat. And it was sunny and hot. But you girls were troopers, that’s for sure!

The beach was amazing! The waves were calm, it wasn’t too crowded. You were so starved for friendships, you made friends with a little boy that tried to teach you to fish. You and Ariya would float down the beach away from where our towels were, we always had to call out to you to pay attention. I think one time, you both were worried that you were lost. But we had our eye on you the whole time. You loved swimming at sunset. You are such a water baby, you could stay in the water all day every day. There were times when we almost left you. We would never do that, but you were never compelled to leave with us. I think your happy place is in the water, just like mine.

When we got back, you were excited to camp with your friends, Ariya and Daddy. That water rafting trip was super exciting. You were just swimming in the river, no issues. You were not a fan of the water shoes, but there was no way we were letting you go barefoot in the river. There was so much trash in the water!

You joined Ariya in doing Tae Kwon Do. you look so cute in your white uniform and white belt. Your attention would definitely wander during class, but you had a ball with your kicks and your “Hiya!” A great activity for you during the summer time.

Dear Anika,

You were so overwhelmed at Neil Uncle and Melanie Auntie’s wedding. You were happy to see Nani and Nanu, but there was so much family surrounding you. They haven’t seen you since you were 2 months old, at the last family wedding. Your cousins wanted to hold you and dance with you, and you were not having that. You just wanted to be with me and Daddy. But by the end of the night, your cousins won you over. You were a dancing queen on the dance floor. You had a ball.

The beach was the best! We went to the beach in the morning. Went back for lunch, quiet time, nap time. Swam in the afternoon. Had dinner. Maybe swam again in the evening. Rinse and repeat. You didn’t wear any floats, and pretty much stayed in our arms while in the ocean, floating on the waves. You did like playing with the sand. I think there were many times that you tried to eat the sand :-/ That was gross. But you pretty much had a blast.

You also had fun “day camping”. We hung out with my friend Jen and her son Thomas, who’s a little bit older than you, and their dog Champ, while everyone else went on the river rafting trip. You and Thomas had so much fun throwing rocks in the river. It rained for a little bit, so we hung out under the tent, but it was really nice being outdoors with a nice view of the river.

We did go to pick cherries at Marker Miller. That was fun. Ariya LOVES cherries, and Asha was over it. But you just picked any and everything. You just wanted to keep up. the fact that Ariya pretty much polished 4 quarts in a day says it all.

Other than that, we pretty much have been staying at home, playing in the pool and just hanging out. It’s been a great start to the summer.

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