Letters to My Children – May 2021

Dear Ariya,

The countdown is on. Last month of school. If you were in school, your last day would have been in the middle of June. But since we are homeschooling, I figured the last day would be the last Friday before Memorial Day. I mean, isn’t that one of the benefits of homeschooling? Dictating your own schedule? It’s been tough though. You don’t think the work we are doing is fun. I’m trying to make sure you’re not missing out on anything. I’m trying to make things fun, but you would rather be in your room reading your books. Doing math and science and geography has been tough. I’m not a teacher. I don’t know how to make it fun. I was raised to do workbooks, and just do them and learn. I think you’re learning a ton, but you would much rather be in a classroom with your friends. Don’t worry Ariya, this homeschooling experiment will not continue. We can say we did it. I trust our schools will keep you safe. I’m ready to enroll you in school for the fall.

In the meantime, Nani and Nanu’s 50th wedding anniversary was on May 7th. So we went to Richmond to help them celebrate. We did a zoom call with all of our friends and family. Niraj mama helped coordinate all the way from Singapore! And we found all these really cool old photos of Nani and Nanu when they were young and married. I made a few videos of their lives together, it was pretty cool to see.

It was a pretty light month. Just waiting for warmer weather to come. We started a garden, which is another big experiment for us. Let’s see if anything grows. I think we’ve planted a lot of herbs, tomatoes, squash, beans and lettuce.

This is your last month of ballet, finishing it off in person. You even had a mini performance which was really nice to see. Within the past few weeks, we would hang out with your friend Skylar and her mommy Ms Sharron, go get pizza, walk around old town, hope for ice cream at Red Fox Creamery. Enjoy these warm spring days and get ready for summer.

We opened up the pool, and had our first swim before Memorial Day! That was pretty exciting! And we are planning a beach trip to Siesta Key in June. You can’t wait for some beach time!

Dear Asha,

You graduated from pre-K!! We had a graduation celebration with your teacher and her other students, which also happen to be your friends. And man, your teacher was amazing. What a great party, filled with the pomp and circumstance music, the graduation hats and the certificate scroll. What a special moment. It’s different than Ariya’s graduation from her pre-school, but hey, these are different times. And I think it was still pretty special.

I think you are burnt out with ballet. Zoom ballet is no fun, and you are just done. Especially when you see your sister go into the building to have her ballet classes. I think this summer, we’ll have to take a break from ballet and see what happens in the fall.

Dear Anika,

We went to the Baltimore Aquarium this month. It was your first time, and you had a ball. You were running around with your sisters, staring at all the exhibits. And I was happily taking pictures.

You’re still taking afternoon naps, which is great. You are still such a great sleeper, which I love. I think routine is very important for you, I guess we kind of trained you that way.

You were very apprehensive about your first time in the pool this season. You wanted to be held a lot. I’m sure by the end of the season, you’ll be a little fish, swimming up a storm. We’ll see how you like our beach trip in the summer. Wow, the summer….you’ll be two in a few short months.

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