Letters to My Children – February 2021

Dear Ariya,

Another month of school. Another month of winter. I know, it feels like the longest winter ever. Still homeschooling, and just plugging along. We have our good days and bad. But we’re just counting down the days till school is over for the year.

I think we had 3 snow storms and the snow lasted for days. You and Asha, and even Anika had a great time using the hill behind our house to go sledding. We even called up our neighbors and some friends to come over. So that was fun.

You had an appointment with Ms Olivia to get your hair done. I think you were just really tired of washing and brushing all that hair, so you did get maybe 4-5 inches cut off. It’s still long, but way more manageable. And you love getting your hair blown out, at least once a year.

You had your first horse riding lesson! After earning 50 stars on your rewards chart, you were able to take your first horse riding lesson at Magic Mountain! And how much fun it was! What wasn’t fun was waiting for Asha to be done with hers. You just couldn’t wait for your lesson, and were not very patient. And then when it was your turn, Asha didn’t want to get off her horse and pretty much cried the rest of the time. But from what I heard, you had a great time.

You had so much fun riding that you wanted to celebrate your birthday riding. So, in April, that’s what we’ll do. You and a few friends, plus Asha will get to ride on a new horse at a new horse farm. I’m sure you’ll have a blast!

You’ve become OBSESSED with Percy Jackson. When I can’t find you, I always know you’re in your room, reading.

We did go down to Richmond for a long weekend.  We did get to spend time with Auntie Anjuanette, Uncle Kashiff, Uncle Eric, Mekhai and Jayden. We went to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, which was pretty cool. We saw Faberge eggs, and pretty paintings, and lots of cool sculptures. You were very concerned when I set off an alarm for getting too close to a painting. It wasn’t my fault, I swear!

Dear Asha,

You are hilarious. You were obsessed with the snow. You were also obsessed with getting run over by the other kids sledding straight for you. I have never seen anyone purposely step in the way of a moving target. I think one time, our friend Asher sled right towards you, and you seriously were thrown up in the air and back down. I thought you would have learned your lesson, but nope, you kept trying to do it again and again. Sorry Asha, but after the 2nd time, I had to put a stop to that. It terrified me that you might hurt yourself getting thrown like that.

Your friend Clara invited you to her birthday party, which was really just a 1 hour horse riding lesson at Magic Mountain. Your horse was named Dandy, and he was a beautiful little horse. You both had a ball, and were all about getting your first horse riding lesson. We had been talking about it for a while, and you’ve been working on your rewards chart to build up to it. So a few weeks later, you had your first official horse riding lesson with Clara. You learned to brush the horse, saddle your horse and ride! You did a great job of saying woah and pulling on the reins when you wanted to slow down. You were really great with steering and you paid attention. What wasn’t great was when your lesson ended and you realized that you would have to wait for your next lesson. Yeah, that was not fun at all. I think you cried for at least 45 minutes. It made me realize that maybe you weren’t ready emotionally for this. So, in the meantime, you’re still working on your rewards chart, and hoping to earn another lesson. And in April, Ariya decided she wanted a horse riding lesson for her birthday too, so we’re going to check out another horse farm called DeVaux Farms. So, at least you’ll get your chance to ride again.

You lost your 2nd tooth! And you were so excited to get another visit from the tooth fairy. So far you’ve lost 2 front bottom teeth and you think you are so grown now.

Your hair has gotten so long, and girl, it has been a pain to brush. I don’t know what it is, you must have a really sensitive head, but you are not a fan of brushing out those tangles. So, you finally made the decision that you no longer want to grow your hair like Rapunzel, and you want to cut your hair. I feel like this happens every year. Because last year, you had a major hair cut as well. It’s above your shoulders and, it is so much easier to brush your hair now! The problem is that it’s still in your face, but we just use a lot of headbands and do half ponytails now. But thankfully it is easy to manage and you now love brushing your hair.

Dear Anika,

You loved putting on your snow suit and getting strapped into your sled. I think that was the best fun you’ve had. On the days where there was no snow, you would still point to the sled and ask to be strapped in. But on those snow days, you would hold your hand out on the snow, you would eat the snow and you would be content.

You’re 19 months now. And you are just trying to keep up with your big sisters. Everywhere they go, you want to go. Whatever they do, you try and do. You see them ride on their scooters, and you try to ride on their scooter too. You’ve discovered their old pink radio flyer tricycle, and you love to be pushed around in that. But there are some moments where you want me to let go, and think you can do it yourself. But sweetheart, your feet don’t even reach the pedals. You kind of need me to push you. You are stubborn though, and you push my hands away every time.

You discovered Asha’s old baby shark fishing game, and it is on. You can’t stop singing do do do do do. I sing “baby shark” and you sing the dos. The cutest thing. until it gets annoying. Because you won’t stop playing the game and singing the song.

You also love reading in your corner full of books. You’ll pull book after book down, until there’s a big pile around you. I can always find you looking at pictures, and pretending to read.

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