Letters to My Children – January 2021

Dear Ariya,

January was a tough month, easing back into school.  I think we are all hitting that wall of just being tired of being in the house.  This winter is the longest, and being homeschooled just feels monotonous.  Ground hog day all day every day.  The only thing that you have going on is ballet and you started art back up with Ms Erica.  And you still have tutoring with Ms Mary, which helps breaking up learning from only me.  I know you miss your teachers, and you miss your friends.  But at least you have Asha, and you get to play a LOT.  And we have a new babysitter that you absolutely love.  Her name is Hannah and she’s a teenager in high school, and she is just the best.

We did have a few snow days which helped break up the school work and monotony.  And Daddy was off, so we got to have some fun with him too.  A few of our friends came over, and we all sledded on our big hill, which was pretty great.

Dear Asha,

What can I say?  You are just living your best life.  You don’t have as much school work as Ariya, so you get to play….a lot.  And you love it.  You only miss out when Ariya can’t play. But you’re learning to play by yourself.  You take FOREVER to get ready, put some clothes on and brush your teeth.  When I come up to check on you, you’re just playing by yourself, creating games with your legos and your pokemon figures, or you’re looking at your books.  You’ve started learning to read, and it amazes me how much you’re reading!  I’m so proud of you!  Your hands still get tired from coloring, and you don’t like practicing writing over and over again, but you’re doing an amazing job.  I just know you’ll be ready for kindergarten!

Dear Anika,

My sweet 18 month old girl.  My last baby.  You are getting better at walking, following your big sisters everywhere.  You are an awesome sleeper, except when you’re teething.  Your great at napping, but you’ve had a few off days.  You hate spending too much time in the car seat, you would much rather be on the move.  You loved the snow days, and tried to eat the snow.  But you loved hanging out on your sled and being pulled everywhere.  It amazes me how much you’ve grown.  I look at older pictures of you when you were just a baby, and I miss when you were so little.  Since I know you’re my last baby, I just want to keep you little forever.  I’m not ready for you to grow up.  That’s the thing about time though.  I can’t freeze it, even though I wish I could.

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