Letters to My Children – December 2020

Dear Ariya,

We had a few good weeks of homeschooling in between moments of panic for me.  But I think you’re learning a lot of cool stuff, watching some cool videos.  I also signed you and Asha up for Epic, Kodable and Beast Academy online, because sometimes, being online is fun.  So now we have Tech Fridays, where you can do some of your schooling online.

We also started a rewards chart because getting you and Asha to get dressed or have a nice bedtime has been kind of tough.  But what’s great is that when you reach 50 stars, YOU GET A HORSERIDING LESSON.  You are so close!

We have been going to the library a lot, because you’ve become obsessed with this book series called Land of Stories.  You stay up late to read through it, you bring the books with you everywhere, you’ve even said that when you’re done with the book, you want to start the series all over again.  I think I read somewhere that they might make it into a tv or movie series, how cool would that be?

We had a pretty nice snow storm, and was able to discover that there’s a HUGE hill in our backyard.  It’s pretty epic for sledding.  We had a few friends over, and you all just went back and forth, up the hill and back.  it was pretty fun!

An early Christmas present was going to the Sweet and Sassy salon in Leesburg to get your ears pierced.  You were so nervous, but so brave.  You saw that Asha had her ears pierced for her birthday and you had to get your ears pierced too.  You shed a few tears, but the pain wore off and you were so happy to get it done!

For Christmas, Nani and Nanu came to visit.  It was so nice to see them.  We listened to Christmas carols on our new sound system, decorated gingerbread houses, decorated cookies, drank eggnog.  And we had a great Christmas.  Your grandmother and Nani and Nanu spoiled you!  I think you squealed when you opened your present and there was a sewing machine there!  I think I want to learn how to sew too!  Maybe it’s something we can do together.

You also got a lot of games too, mostly educational 🙂  Gotta get some learning in while it’s fun you know?

Daddy also got these pretty awesome bean bags for the theater room, so now we can be comfortable and watch movies in there.

After Christmas Nani and Nanu left, and then Grandma, Auntie Carmen, Auntie Anjuanette and Uncle Kashiff, Uncle Eric, Jayden, Mekai and Phelix came for New Year’s Eve.  Uncle Eric even brought his dog Blue with him!  We boarded Emmy and Charlie because we could not have a dog fight, plus the dogs never got used to Daddy’s family, except for Grandma.

We had a fun little party for New Year’s Eve, even in the time of COVID.  We were very lucky that no one got sick.  It was a risk, but we missed seeing our family.  You stayed up all the way to midnight, which was great.  I made it to midnight and them promptly fell asleep haha.

Dear Asha,

You are doing so awesome with school work, that I haven’t had to really push a school schedule on you.  You learn when Ariya’s learning, you watch the educational videos that she watches, you practice your writing and reading, and have started doing some basic addition.  But when you take forever getting dressed (which you do), I don’t push it, because you are getting the quiet time that you need but so rarely take for yourself.  We did start a rewards chart because it was tough getting you to go to bed.  Man, was it tough.  Or getting you to do things that we needed you to do, like make your bed, get dressed, do your school work, etc.  But, because you want to be just like Ariya, you chose a horse riding lesson as well, when you hit 50 stars.  Let’s hope you get it, you’re almost there!

You turned 5 years old!  Oh my goodness, where did the time go?  We had a birthday party for you at a really cool salon made just for little girls, called Sweet and Sassy in Leesburg.  Your friend Clara came, and Ariya’s friends Skylar and Claire came as well.  There was a princess theme, so you got to dress up in a Cinderella dress, and you all had your hair done in pretty french braids with glitter and smell good hairspray.  You had your makeup done and nail polish done.  And then you had a dance party!  And the cupcakes were delicious! After the party was done, one of your birthday presents was to get your ears pierced!  And you were such a brave girl, you did it!  Everyone watched, but you did not cry at all!  You were kind of shocked when they pierced your ears but then you ran to the mirror and was so excited to see your pretty sparkly earrings.

Ariya watched you get your ears pierced, and when she got home, she said “i’m jealous, I want to get my ears pierced too”.

You are FEARLESS.  Sledding down this major hill, catching air on some of the bumps, it was crazy!  But you had a blast.  Snowballs were made, a snowman was made, it was pretty cool.

Christmas was nice, we watched a lot of holiday movies like Home Alone and the Polar Express.  You loved the giant white tiger stuffed animal that Santa brought you.  And you got a few lego sets that you are so excited about.  You were sad that you couldn’t have a sewing machine like Ariya, but we had to remind you that Ariya didn’t start learning to sew until she was 6 and you JUST turned 5!

Dear Anika,

You are 17 months old.  Still crawling on your knees, and it’s driving me crazy!  I know you’re so close!  You want to hold my hand every time when you try to walk.  So I KNOW you can walk.  But you’re not confident to walk by yourself yet.  You make a lot of noises.  you mimic my sounds when I talk to you.  You love chasing after the girls on your knees, and you squeal a lot as a way of communicating.  The play room is the best place every for you. When your big sisters are playing, you follow along.  You are in their every game.  At first, they think it’s cute.  I have a feeling it might get old soon.

You were fascinated with the snow.  You would stick your tongue out, or try to touch the snow with your hands.  We buckled you into your baby sled and dragged you along.  But you developed the strangest rash on your cheeks and chin, I think the cold really chapped your face.  I think you enjoyed the snow though.

You had a great Christmas.  And Nani and Nanu had so much fun holding you, and holding your finger as you tried to walk with them.  You got a lot of new books and new toys for Christmas.  I think you had more fun playing with the wrapping paper than anything else!  Please stop growing up too fast.  My last baby.



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