Letters to My Children – October 2020

Dear Ariya,

Another month of virtual learning.  Another month of technical difficulties.  Another month of trying to keep up with all of the assignments without falling behind.  Man, it is tough.  Especially when you’re on the chromebook for what feels like all day. (not really, you’re only on it from 9-1 with an hour lunch in between.  And I figured out how to print your assignments, so I’ve been printing them out so you can practice your handwriting).  You’ve taken a few assessments, and your scores are so high!  You’re reading at a 6th grade level!!  So I can see where sometimes you zone out, because you get the material so quickly and are ready to move on.  I’m worried that you aren’t being challenged enough.  And there’s no way around it, except to try and supplement.  Or withdraw you from public school for the year and try my hand at homeschooling.  We’ll see.  But, there is a bright side to all fo this.  We finally moved into our new house!  You have a new bunk bed to sleep in.  There are boxes everywhere.  We’re still waiting on a few more things to make the home really feel like a home, and to really unpack the way we want to.  But we are getting there!

You were invited to your good friend Skylar’s birthday party, at this really cute salon, Sweet and Sassy.  It’s a salon catered to little girls in Leesburg.  I was nervous because I wanted to be careful, but everyone had their masks on and had their temperature checked.  It was so cute.  You were so shy because you didn’t know anyone but the birthday girl, but you got to get your hair done in braids, with glitter that smelled like watermelon.  There was a fashion show and a photo shoot.  You got to eat cupcakes and sandwiches and then go for a LIMO RIDE while listening to kidz bop.  That was pretty amazing.  I think we’ve decided that we should take Asha there for her birthday in December, she would love it. They do manicures and pedicures there, and they have an ear piercing station where 2 people pierce each ear at the same time.  Genius!  I’m not sure if you’re sold on piercing your ears yet, but I know Asha wants to.  I just hope she’s responsible enough to take care of it. 

The only other exciting thing that has happened (besides moving in) was Halloween!  You were a peacock for Halloween and got to wear your costume for school, and for the Book or Treat drive thru event that your school held.  I didn’t feel comfortable taking you trick or treating with COVID cases on the rise, but we did invite close friends of the family over to have dinner.  You and Asha had a ball with Skylar. Good food, decorating cookies, making candied apples, the movie Witches (the old version, not the new version on HBOMax).  It wasn’t our usual Halloween tradition, but it was fun, and we were comfortable. 

Dear Asha,

Finally, you can sleep in your own bed in your own room!  You’re missing having someone to sleep with, and you want to cuddle super long at night.  But I think we’ve figured out a workaround, when you wake up in the morning, you crawl into our bed and cuddle until it’s time to get Anika.  And I’m ok with that, because it’s a nice way to wake up, with cuddles from my Asha basha.

You’re still seeing Ms Mary for tutoring.  And I’ve realized that I have to step my homeschooling up, BECAUSE YOU ARE READING!!!  You have started reading BOB books, and my gosh, you are kicking butt!  Every time you see Ariya doing school work, you say “what about me?!?!”  You are doing kindergarten level work, and it amazes me.  You and your sister are so smart! 

You were a mermaid for Halloween.  You loved your dress, it was strappy and had a tight stretchy mermaid style skirt.  Lots of glitter, lots of tulle.  I think you were a fan.  you had a great time playing with Skylar which was nice.  You love keeping up with the big girls.  

Dear Anika,

What can I say.  You are trying so hard to walk.  You’re standing up on your own.  And when we hold your hands, you are walking everywhere.  But by yourself, not yet.  I did hear you call out Mama once to get my attention…but did I imagine it?  Because I haven’t heard you say Mama again.  I think you also know how to say “nana” for banana.  Because you do love bananas! 

I think we are all happy that you have your own room!  You do share a bathroom with Asha, and Asha can be a little loud when she goes to bed, so there has been a growing pain of figuring out how to get you ready for bed and get Asha ready for bed without her winding you up, or keeping you awake.  But it’s ok, a new routine is born.  You have phased out your second nap, and oh man, how I miss that second nap.  But, I guess it had to happen.  

You were a unicorn for Halloween.  The cutest unicorn.  I tried to get a decent picture of you, but you were not a fan of the costume.  You just wanted to be comfortable, and I get it.  Girl, I get it.  That’s ok, I think we all had fun where it counted.


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