Letters to My Children – June 2020

Dear Ariya,

The last day of school was June 5th.  And you were so sad to say good bye to your teacher.  You found out that your teacher is not coming back to your school, and the thought that you won’t be able to give your teacher a hug made you so sad.  You did get to see her one last time when you did your supply pickup at the school, and that made you very happy.  And, you were also excited for summer vacation.  I have to laugh at that, because it’s been like a vacation since March.  But sure, summer vacation.

Summer vacation.  It’s been pretty busy.  We had a lot of showings this month, so keeping the house clean was really tough.  And you found the box of glitter!  So, I decided, instead of doing arts and crafts inside, we had to move it to the picnic table outside.  So, now our outside is completely bedazzled with glitter.  And halfway through the month, we received an offer on the house!

You did have a week of jazz and tap through zoom lessons.  I think you might sign up for jazz or tap in the fall, I think you really liked it.

We’ve been pretty much spending our time in the pool and you’re in heaven.  What you don’t like is having to wash your hair afterwards.  Something about that chlorine really dries your hair out.  I keep mentioning that maybe you could cut your hair, or we could shave your head…but you are not a fan of that.

Dear Asha,

It’s been one long break for you.  And everything that Ariya does, you want to do.  She has her ukulele lessons, you want a ukulele too.  Ariya has jazz and tap, and you have to do jazz and tap too. (You’re not old enough to do jazz and tap yet, but you will be soon!)

You have been LOVING the pool.  But, since you seem to think you can swim, I had to sign you and Ariya up for swim lessons.  An instructor comes to our pool to teach you how to swim, and oh my goodness, you are kicking butt.  I think you’ll be able to swim before the end of the summer, maybe even in the deep end!

Dear Anika,

My baby is 11 months.  When did that happen?  How are you 1 month away from turning 1?  I’m not ready.  You’re a crawling machine.  You pull yourself up like a champ.  You’re slowing down on the nursing.  You’re slowly getting used to a bottle.  Oh man, I can’t believe we made it this far.  I think I’ll bawl like a baby when we stop breastfeeding.  With Ariya, I only lasted 6 months of nursing.  With Asha, we made it to 8 months.  But you and I, we are doing it.  And it means so much to me.

You were introduced to the pool.  With Ariya and Asha, I always took them to Kids First Swim school for the mommy and me swim lessons at 6 months.  But when you were 6 months, it was the winter time, and I always hated taking any swim lessons during the winter months for you all.  And then COVID-19 happened and those mommy and me lessons were not going to happen for you.  BUT, now that we have our own pool, and you have a floatie, you are loving life.  Well, at first, you weren’t so sure.  And there are moments when you are tired of the floatie and just want to be carried by me or Daddy.  But then there are moments when you are really excited and you start drinking the pool water (bleh) and laugh to yourself every time we try to get you to stop.

You are still taking 2 naps a day, and your bed time is pretty predictable.  You are still sleeping through the night, which is wonderful.  You love petting the dogs, although you can sometimes be rough.  And you love following your sisters around the house and getting into trouble with them.


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