Letters to My Children – May 2020

Dear Ariya,

It’s May.  Another month of quarantine.  Another month of distance learning.  Another month of not seeing your friends.  It stinks.  But we’re trying to stay busy.  You ride your bikes outside.  We hang out at the new house when we have a showing in the new house (Which has been pretty stressful in itself, trying to keep the house clean and packing up the kids and dogs for each showing).

You did buy a Ukulele with your own money.  Your music teacher started a zoom class with 3rd graders and up that have had ukulele lessons.  Since you expressed an interest, she allowed you to join as well.  It was kind of hard, and kind of frustrating.  But I think you did enjoy it.  It does help to have in person lessons though, which I hope you get next year.  But in the mean time, we’ll just keep practicing (because I’m trying to teach myself as well).

Your school did a parade, which was pretty awesome.  We made a poster and we connected with one of your classmates at the meetup point, which was nice.  And it was great to see your teachers.  I think I actually shed a tear.  I wish I had taken a photo or some video, but I’ll remember how nice it was to see your teachers, and see you girls play at a distance with the other kids.

We were also able to pick up your ballet costumes for SCAA.  you would have had your recital this month, but it was not in the cards.  So we had fun taking portraits of you and Asha in your beautiful ballet costumes.

Dear Asha,

Oh Asha.  You’ve become so independent during this time.  You’ll wake up on your own, go downstairs, and make your own bowl of cereal.  I cringe at the spilled cereal and milk, but you get your bowl, spoon and everything else all by yourself.  I just wish you could sleep in, but I guess it’s not in the cards right now.

We had a visit from your teacher at preschool.  It was so nice to see her, and she brought you all of your art work from the year, along with some fun things for the summer.  It was good to see her and to see your face seeing her.

It would have been your first recital with SCAA, and I’m so sad that you couldn’t perform on stage for the first time with your ballet class.  But you loved putting your costume on and it was so nice to take pictures of you in it.

Dear Anika,

Anika!  Time just keeps moving.  You keep crawling.  And exploring.  And putting everything in your mouth.  Your 2 bottom teeth came in, and then your 2 top teeth are starting to come in.  And you like to gnaw on everything.  You squeal in the high chair over boiled egg yolks and yogurt.  You’re not a fan of the bottle and still prefer nursing.  You miss seeing Daddy for days at a time, so when he’s home, you get so excited and want to hang with him.

You’re 10 months old.  Man, in a few months, you’ll be 1.  It’s amazing to see your personality come through.  But how I miss the days when you were just an itty bitty little thing.

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