A Day in the Life – May 2020

It’s been a year. A hard hard year. And it’s not even halfway done. We get hit with a global pandemic. School is cancelled. We can’t see our friends, we can’t see our family. But we are healthy and we are safe.

It was starting to feel like ground hog day. Day in, day out, same thing. Except we had to keep our house exceptionally clean for showings. The girls are tired of that. And I’m tired of nagging.

Photography is my reset. When I load a roll of film, when I document our family, it gives me what I need to feel normal again.

So when I was stuck in a rut, my friend Po Chi Fung suggested we did a Day in the Life. She documented her day using TMAX 3200 and I used Ilford XP2. It was another crazy day. We had a showing in the morning, so after breakfast, we had to get ready quick and hang out at the new house for a bit. When we came back in the afternoon for lunch, Asha made her PBJ, but had an issue with the crust still being on, Ariya had her lessons online, practiced her ukulele and then the girls had tablet time while Anika napped. Bed time is always a blur, but I made sure to get a picture of Terral before bedtime. So that was our crazy boring day. Check out Po’s blog to see how she documents her day here.

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