Letters to our Children – October

Dear Ariya,

You survived the 10 hour flight to Venice.  You were so excited to get on the “jet plane” because it was one step closer to seeing your cousin Eila and Niraj mama (uncle) and Hyeon mami (auntie).  Once we got on the cruise ship, we saw them, along with Nani and Nanu, and you were so excited!

You were a trooper with the time change.  You slept most of the way through our excursion to Dubrovnik.  you loved running through the halls of the cruise ship.  You liked Athens, because we got to explore the Acropolis and there were a lot of rocks and dirt to play with.  You loved playing with Eila in Santorini, going on the “rocket ship” (cable car to get to the top of Santorini).  The double stroller definitely came in handy in Split as we walked around the historic town.  Of course by the time you were adjusted to the time change, it was time to go back home.

Getting back to our regular routine wasn’t so bad.  You were excited to get back to school and ballet.  We went on your first field trip, to Marker Miller to pick apples and ride the wagon around the orchards.  Your next field trip was to Handley Library, you had so much fun singing songs and dancing.

Halloween is coming up.  You’re so excited to be Princess Elena of Avalor.  We even got a scepter to match the dress. You can’t stop singing and dancing with your Elena accessories.  So much joy and happiness.

What I need to record on video is how you pronounce your S.  School becomes cool, snack becomes nack, snake becomes name.  It’s so so cute.

Venice, Italy.  Accidental (but AWESOME) leak.  Fuji Reala shot on Fuji GA645ZI


Gelato in Venice, Italy.  Fuji Natura 1600 shot on Nikon f100000056410022

Spending time with Nanu in Santorini, Greece.  Fuji 160s shot on Nikon f100000060410023

Partners in Crime.  Ella and Ariya, Santorini, Greece.  Fuji 160s shot on Nikon f100000060410030

Exploring in Athens, Greece.  Fuji 160s shot on Nikon f100


Another awesome light leak in Santorini, Greece.  Fuji Reala shot on GA645zi000064290003

Double stroller came in handy in Dubrovnik.  Portra 160vc on GA645zi000064300017

Asleep in Dubrovnik.  Portra 400 shot on Nikon f100000064270030

Gladiators in Split.  Portra 400 shot on Nikon f100


Scratch pads (melissa & doug is the best!) and double strollers in Split.  Porter 400, shot on Nikon f100


On the cruise. TriX 400 shot on Nikon f100


resting on a bench in Split Croatia.  TriX 400 shot on Nikon f100000063410033

Selfies, pictures and film .  Tri X 400 shot on Nikon f100000063410037

Girl loves her apple.  Cruising.  Porter 400 shot on Nikon f100000064270001

Some digital images

dsc_3249 dsc_3298


Dear Asha,

You survived the plane trip as well!  I was really hoping that you wouldn’t be screaming/crying/fussing throughout this plane ride (your first!) and you didn’t!  I’m so proud of you, you did awesome!  The time change on the other hand…..well that was rough.  The 4 of us sleeping in the same cabin on the cruise…that was rough.  But you got to meet your uncle and auntie and cousin, and got some really good quality time in with Nani and Nanu.   Family time makes it all worth it.

You were pretty much in the ergo carrier throughout our excursions.  You also started pulling yourself up and standing on this trip like a pro!  You’re growing big and strong, way too fast!  You have your bottom teeth in and now your top 2 teeth are coming in.  You’re still waking up in the middle of the night.  Sometimes once or twice in the middle of the night.  I’m convinced it’s the teething that’s making you so fussy.  But seriously girl, when are you going to start sleeping through the night?!?!

You’re 10 months old and we’re celebrating your first Halloween!  I got you an Elephant costume for Halloween.  I’m not sure how you’ll feel about it, but I guess we’ll find out today, when we go trick or treating.

You love clapping your hands, especially when we’re in the car and you sister sings songs from Frozen (usually “Let It Go”).  You love grabbing for my glasses and pulling my hair.  And you love love love laughing with your sister.  And I love seeing you play with Ariya, and how much you two love each other. I hope that never changes!

Plastic cups are so much fun. Portra 400 on Nikon f100.


“I feel like partying!” t max 400 on nikon f100


Another awesome light leak.  Fuji Reala on GA645zi


Getting some auntie love. Portra 160vc on GA645zi


Cruising.  Portra 400 on Nikon f100


Nanu QT . Portra 400 on Nikon f100


nanu gets a smile. Porter 400 on Nikon f100.


Some digital images


dsc_3247 dsc_3300


**We had to say goodbye to our cat Lucky last week.  It was rough, Lucky was 10 years old and the sweetest most affectionate cat ever.  We all miss him so much.


dsc_8192 dsc_0053 dsc_2911


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