Letters to our Children – September

Dear Ariya,

It’s been a pretty busy month!  We went to Verdant View Farms as our last vacation of the summer.  Our close friends joined us, and you had so much fun playing with them!  We started off the vacation at Lake Tobias, where we got to see some pretty cool animals!  There was a petting zoo, reptiles, and safari ride.  Ostriches, donkeys, zebras, buffalos, llamas.  It was pretty fun.

Then we made our way to the farm.  It’s a working dairy farm.  We had a chance to milk a cow, feed baby calves, pet the goats, play with the dog Scooby.  We got to ride on Thomas the train  And you had so much at the children’s museum.  It was a fun filled few days, but we had to go back home and get ready for school.

But first, Labor Day Weekend.  It was a great time spent with your grandma, auntie Carmen and Phelix, and auntie Anjuanette, uncle Kashiff, Mekhai and Jayden.  The only person missing was uncle Eric.

You’re now in the 3s class at Sonshine Learning Center.  You are so excited to see your friends and Ms Lisa and Ms Janet.  I’m so happy that you’re love going to school and love learning.

You’re also in ballet this year.  You’ve got a few friends in ballet class as well, and you love practicing to twirl.  Every day you ask if we’re going to ballet, and every day you want to put your leotard and tights on.

And now we’re taking another trip.  I know it feels like we’re taking a lot of trips, but it will slow down, I promise.  We’re going on a “jet plane” to go to the “cruise ship”  to see Nani, Nanu, Niraj mama (uncle), Hyeon mami (auntie) and your cousin Eila!  I’m nervous about this 10 hour flight (more for Asha than for you), but I know we’re all excited for this adventure.

09_ariya_01 09_ariya_02 09_ariya_03 09_ariya_04 09_ariya_05-2 09_ariya_05 09_ariya_06

Dear Asha,

You’re 9 months old now!  And you have 2 bottom teeth coming in.  Its crazy how big you’re growing, and how fast time is flying.  You always follow your sister around.  you laugh with Ariya, you grab for her face, her hands, her hair (which, let’s face it, is the easiest thing to grab).  You’re crawling so fast and you want to stand so bad.  Actually, at 3am the other night, you WERE standing, in your crib.  It was pretty amazing.  I would have taken a picture IF IT WASN’T THREE IN THE MORNING.  I shouldn’t complain, last night you slept through the whole night and even took a 2 hour nap this morning.  I felt like a completely new person, with a full night of rest.  And you were so happy in your crib this morning.  Of course you’re starting a new sleeping habit just in time for us to take this trip. You’re first airplane ride.  It’s happening.  In a few days.  I’m hoping it will be a piece of cake!  You get to meet your Niraj mama, Hyeon mami and cousin Eila for the first time!  How exciting is that!

09_asha_01 09_asha_02 09_asha_03 09_asha_04 09_asha_05

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