Letters to our Children – May

I’m writing this while Asha takes a nap and Ariya is in pre-school.  Let’s hope I can get through this.

Ariya, my sweet girl.

We got to go to the Apple Blossom Carnival this year!  Your daddy was actually off for the week of Apple Blossom.  The weather was horrible for the parade, and we ended up going out of town to visit Nani and Nanu, see Grandma and Auntie Anjuanette, Uncle Kashiff, Auntie Carmen and your cousins.  But I was so excited (and I’m sure you were excited) to go to the carnival and for you to actually be able to ride some of the rides!  You had a blast, you rode a few rides, won a few prizes, rode a horse, had some cotton candy (which you loved!) and a chilli hot dog.  You were tired by the end of the day and didn’t want to go home (which you say all the time now “I don’t want to go home”).

I made the mistake of telling you our summer vacation plans.  For a month now, all I’ve heard is “and now we’re going to the beach.  Let’s go to the beach.  Are we going to the beach now?  I want to build sand castles!”  Yes, Ariya, we’re going to the beach at the end of June.  But until then, I guess I’ll hear your wish to go to the beach now, every darn day.

Lately, you’ve been waking up early.  Like, really early.  Before, your bedtime was 7:30/8pm, and you’d wake up at 7:30/8am.  But I don’t know if it’s that you’re hearing Asha’s cries, or if you’re missing your daddy and want to catch him before he leaves for work at 6:30am, but you’ve been sneaking in our room, getting into our bed early in the morning.  This morning, I almost stepped on you, you were sleeping on the floor next to the bed!  I hope this is a phase, I love that you want to cuddle, but you should really get more sleep!

It’s your last week of pre-school.  I’m a little nervous for this summer.  You’ve become obsessed with Disney Jr and now love Octanauts.  It’s a pretty cool show, but you’d be content to sit on the couch and watch 3 or 4 episodes in a row.  When I’m not feeling well or tired, sure, it’s ok to veg out on the couch.  But I don’t plan to let you do that all summer!

These were all shot with the Nikon f100 and Lomo 800, rated at 400 and pushed +1 in dev.

ES35135goo509002-R1-002 ES35135goo509002-R1-003 ES35135goo509002-R1-010 ES35135goo509002-R1-011 ES35135goo509002-R1-020 ES35135goo509002-R2-043 ES35135goo509002-R2-045 ES35135goo509002-R2-050 ES35135goo509002-R2-054 ES35135goo509002-R2-055 ES35135goo509002-R2-056 ES35135goo509002-R2-058

Asha Asha Asha.  Why won’t you sleep!  What happened?  You slept for long stretches at a time.  you know how to do it.  I know you do.  But for some reason, the past few nights, you kept waking up every few hours.  It was tough on your mommy and daddy.  I have a feeling you are hitting a few milestones and don’t know what to do with yourself!  You’re drooling a ton!  I keep feeling around your gums, but don’t feel any teeth (thank goodness, I never nursed a teething baby before, and I’m scared to do it now!  Ariya stopped nursing at 6 months and her teeth came in soon after.)  You love gnawing on your toys, our fingers, my shoulder.  And now you’ve started rolling over!  At first, you look at me with this huge smile, like you know you’ve done something HUGE.  And then you start to freak out and cry because you don’t know what you’ve done and you just want to go back to lying on your back again, or better yet, be held.

You’re now 5 months old.  You love to grab your toes, sucking on your fingers, roll to your side and stare.  You’re a pretty calm chill baby, until you’re tired or hungry.  We love playing with you, especially Ariya.  She loves giving you hugs and kisses, and laying with you.


05_Asha-2 05_Asha-3 05_Asha-4 05_Asha-5 05_Asha-6

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3 thoughts on “Letters to our Children – May

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  2. These images are adorable! I just ran a roll of lomo through my holga so i hope they turn out this fun!
    I get you on the no sleep..my kids dont get enough sleep either. We try, right?

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