Letters to our Children – April 2016

I’ve been a bit behind on everything, it feels like.  But I didn’t want to forget a letter to my daughters for April, because this was the month that my eldest turned 3!

Ariya, my first baby that is no longer a baby, my sweet, silly big girl.  You turned 3 on April 11th.  Last month, we talked about throwing you a Sofia the First birthday party, and yup, it happened.  We were going to have it in Richmond, with family.  But you have been talking up your birthday party so much, that we felt like we had to throw it here, at home.  We invited your friends.  Aiden, Declan, Sei, Hideshiro, Aaliyah, Marni, Asher, Veer, Jai, Elizabeth, Grace, Sheye. Wow, you have a lot of friends. And we were lucky to have family come up.  Your Nani and Nanu were here, along with Grandma, Auntie Carmen, Auntie Anjuanette, Uncle Kashiff, and Jayden, Mekhai and Phelix!  You are so loved!  I think you loved wearing your Sofia the First princess dress and tiara.  You loved your birthday cake and all the balloons and streamers.  You loved playing with your friends. But I think what you loved best was the petting zoo.  Yes, your mommy got carried away and got a petting zoo to come to your birthday party.  There was a llama, a miniature pony, a pig, a sheep, a goat, some chickens, guinea pigs, bunnies and I think even hamsters.  It was all pretty cool.  I think even the adults loved the animals! It was a pretty fun day, and we loved helping celebrate your 3rd birthday party!

Here are a few photos taken on film for your special day.

04_Ariya_2 04_Ariya 04_Ariya_3

Asha, my sweet baby.  You turned 4 months in April.  You love smiling at your big sister, and always seek her out when you hear her talking.  You giggle sometimes, but only when your mommy makes a fool of herself.  I don’t mind, I love to hear you laugh.  You love blowing bubbles and grabbing your feet.  You’re not a fan of tummy time at all.  You can last for maybe a minute?  You don’t get the hype of tummy time, and that’s ok.  You do love rolling on your side though.  You’ve started sleeping in your crib, and you’ve even slept through the night a few times.  What a treat that was for Mommy and Daddy!  It didn’t last long though, but that’s ok.  We’ll get there eventually.

04_Asha_2 04_Asha 04_Asha_3

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