Letters to our Children – March 2016

It’s that time again.  I’ve been thankful to join this blog circle, to have a reminder, a way to write to my daughters and let them know what I’m thinking, what we’re going through at this time, the good times, the bad.  I used to keep a journal back in the day, and while I regret not keeping a journal throughout Ariya’s beginnings, I’m glad that I’m doing it now.  Better late than never right?

Oh Ariya.  I can’t believe you’ll be 3 in less than a month.  Where did the time go?!?!  And every time I look at Asha, I remember when you were a baby, so small, so sweet, so perfect.

Right now you’re excited at the thought of celebrating your birthday at school.  We’re also planning a small family get together in Richmond, and you love the idea of a Sophia the First birthday party.  I’ll see what I can do.  You love princesses, but you also love super heros.  You’re always talking about your super powers.

I love seeing your imagination at work.  You love making up stories and playing with your stuffed animals.  You always ask me to sit down and play with you, color with you.  And I do the best that I can, I promise.  The dishes can wait, the laundry can wait.  Just as long as I can spend extra time with you.

You’re going through a phase right now, and I hope it will pass.  Lately you’ve been saying that you want a hair cut, that you don’t like your hair.  And it breaks my heart.  It took me 30 years to accept my curls.  I did everything I could to fight it.  I hope you won’t make the same mistakes I made.  Your hair is beautiful, YOU are beautiful.  You are unique, and sweet, kind and mischievous.  Your laugh is infectious (You definitely get that from your daddy).  You are our sunshine.

03_Ariya-2 03_Ariya


The many faces of Asha.  You turned 3 months old and you’re getting more aware, of your surroundings, of your sister, of your daddy and me.  You love to clutch at any and everything.  You are constantly pulling our hair, but we forgive you 🙂  You’re not a fan of tummy time, you kick, and you struggle, but one day, you’ll realize how awesome it is.  You’re getting stronger every day.  Right now I’m watching you, drooling, kicking your feet and cooing. You’re growing too fast!  Please slow down.  Please?03_Asha-2 03_Asha-3 03_Asha-4 03_Asha-5 03_Asha-6

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Project 365 Film edition – February 2016

I survived the 2nd month of this film 365.  I tried 2 different things this month.  I tried pushing film and I tried using the lensbaby sweet 35 on my Nikon f100.  I’m not sure if I was successful, but at least I tried 🙂  I still don’t know what I’m doing (I don’t know if I ever will), but I’m having fun trying! And for the record, I’m having a hard time taking a photo every day.  so my rule for this project is to get at least a decent photo for each day of the month.  I may get a few decent photos on one day, nothing on the next day, maybe a few more dent photos in one day, etc.  The only way I can keep this project going.

Tri-X 400 +2 on Nikon f100, using the lensbaby sweet 35

32_020116 33_020216 34_020316 35_020416 36_020516 37_020616 38_020716 39_020816 40_020916 41_021016 42_021116 43_021216 44_021316 45_021416

Tri-X 400 on Pentax 6×7 with 105mm lens

46_021516 47_021616 48_021716 49_021816

Portra 400 on Mamiya 645 and 80mm lens50_021916 51_022016 52_022116 53_022216 54_022316 55_022416 56_022516 57_022616

Portra 160 on Mamiya 645 and 80mm lens58_022716 59_022816 60_022916

10 on 10 : March 2016 – Here is Where: Photographing the World Around you

It’s that time again.  The 10th came and went, and I had a great incentive to take more than 1 photo for my Project 366.  I’m currently taking a Street Photography workshop at Beyond the Wanderlust, called “Here is Where: Photographing the World Around you” with Lauren Mitchell.  Just wanted to try something different.  It’s been tough.  my default is to photograph my daughters’ pretty faces (which I didn’t fail to do this 10th) 🙂  But this week’s assignment was to look at lines, light, shapes, framing, layering and depth.  Not all 10 photos cover these compositional elements, but I tried 🙂

Taking a walk in Old Town Winchester.

DSCF8460 DSCF8477

Attempting to play chess at the local coffee shop.  Ariya wins.DSCF8485 DSCF8501 DSCF8511 DSCF8512

Asha is finally awake!


And is not a fan of the tummy time.


Reading rainbow


Emmy loves that new baby smell


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