Letters to our Children – February 2016

I feel like death right now.  Ariya has given me some sort of bug, which I’m sure she got from preschool.  It’s not pleasant.  I’m barely making it.  I couldn’t write this blog up in time to join the circle, but if you’re curious, feel free to check out the other ladies in this circle starting here.

Oh Ariya.  Time is flying by WAY too fast.  I can see the toddler chubbiness melting away.  You’re now wearing 3T clothing.  You love arts and crafts.  You are OBSESSED with arts and crafts.  To your daddy’s dismay, b/c the one arts and crafts you won’t let go of is “sprinkles”.  Yeah, sprinkling glitter on glue on paper.  I’m still on the hunt for a cleaner arts and craft that will hold your interest, but I don’t believe it exists.  The pensive look you give when you’re contemplating the serious of Mickey Mouse or Doc McStuffins (especially when we bribe you to pee in the potty before watching said tv show).  You’ve dropped your nap when Asha came along, and you are TIRED by the end of the day.  But sometimes, if we need a break, I’ll strap you both in the car, go for a starbucks run, and you’ll be content just to listen to the frozen soundtrack.


Asha Asha Asha.  you are something else.  At 2 months old, we’ve definitely gotten into a rhythm.  nurse, chill, sleep, repeat.  The sleeping is tough.  The only way you’ll settle down is if you’re swaddled or worn.  But you hate it.  You fight me, you fight your daddy, you fight sleep.  And then you’re down for the count.  And you sleep….not for long, but you do sleep.  And I realize that I wouldn’t trade this for the world.  You are loved, and I would do anything for you.



10 on 10 – February 2016 with the Helios lens

It’s that time again!  This time, I wanted to try the new (to me) helios lens that I purchased off Ebay.  I was intrigued by the helios because the bokeh is amazing!  You can tell of its potential (and mine) through the 2nd photo.     A lot of photos are blurry, soft, but practice makes perfect, right? Once it gets warmer, I can’t wait to start using it outside.

DSC_7851 DSC_7861 DSC_7865 DSC_7876 DSC_7877 DSC_7888 DSC_7893 DSC_7897 DSC_7900 DSC_7906

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My first film Project 365 – January 2016

So, I fell in love with film some time last year.  Within that time, I’ve acquired a lot of film and a few (ok, a lot of) film cameras.  Somehow I developed a fear of shooting film in manual.  I was always ok with a point and shoot.  I shot film a ton in high school, I just let the camera make all the decisions.  After taking a workshop last year, I got into it…and then I stopped.  I took ANOTHER workshop late last year, got into it…and then stopped.  What was wrong with me?  The fear was there.  So I thought for 2016, in addition to my regular digital project 365, I’d do a film 365.  I’m crazy, I know.  BUT, I really want to know these cameras and these film stocks inside and out.  I want to get comfortable with metering.  And I figured this would be the best way to do it.

I won’t post all 31 pictures for this month.  There were  a few successes and a few failures.  I’ll go ahead and post a few of both, b/c I need to document this progress.  I also need to go back through my notes to see why some of these photos worked and some didn’t.

I also have 2 rolls of black & white film still in development (at the FIND lab).  So look out for another blog post from me soon.

Here goes (and yes, I know more than a few are blurry and aren’t that awesome.  but not every photo can be awesome right?  and yes, most of these photos will be of my girls while I try to figure this film thing out):

Mamiya C330 with fuji 400h

1 2 3 4 5 6

Nikon F100 with Portra 800

8 10 12 14 15 16 18 19 21 22 23 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Letters to Our Children – January 2016

I’ve been invited to join a blog circle filled with amazing photographers as we write letters to our children. This came at a perfect time for me, as I’ve been feeling that I haven’t documented enough (Poor Ariya’s baby book is half way filled and I haven’t even started Asha’s baby book). Sure, I’ve taken pictures for all of Ariya and Asha’s life. I hope they will know how much I love them through the photos that I’ve captured. I hope these photos say all the things that I say to them daily. But just in case….


Dear Ariya,

You have become such a funny, smart, outgoing, strong willed two and a half year old. Where do you get it from? You love to laugh (and make us laugh) like your father. You’re definitely outgoing and have no fear approaching any and everyone. You must get that from your father as well. But you definitely like your space as well, and when you’ve had enough, you let us know. You must get that from me.

When your little sister arrived, I was so worried how it would affect you. Would you be jealous? Would you resent Asha for taking our time away from you? Would you think that you are less loved and treasured because of her?

I’m so thankful that you’re a well adjusted person. You love your baby sister so much. You always want to help us with her. You’re favorite saying right now is “I can do it all by myself”. You’ve become so independent. When did that happen? How did time go by so fast?

You are our everything. You’re our first child, our precious sweet girl, and we will always love you, no matter what. You’ve taught me so much, how to be a mother, how to be patient and how to love like no other.

You’ll always be my sweet baby girl



Dear Asha,

I cannot believe it’s already been almost 7 weeks since you came into our lives. 3 weeks early, on your own time table. We hadn’t put the tree up, hadn’t gone Christmas shopping, hadn’t even gotten your nursery ready. Your father’s paternity leave hadn’t started, and I was in such a panic with how I was going to juggle 2 young children at the same time. It was definitely an unexpected but pleasant surprise to meet you so early, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

You look so much like your big sister when she was your age. It’s amazing, uncanny to see the similarities. It makes me wonder what more you will share with her. Will you have her hair, her smile, her laugh? How will you be different in your own ways? I can’t wait to find out. But in the meantime, I’m just enjoying you. Your newborn smell, your sweet smile, seeing your small hand wrap around my finger. This time is so precious and I’m learning to slow down and appreciate every moment.

Love you,


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