10 on 10 – January 2016

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus lately with blogging.  November and December were the last months of my pregnancy.  And I was just tired…all the time.  My Project 365 ended on 10/31 and I wanted to take a break.  I took pictures, but didn’t edit as much, didn’t post as much.  That all changed on December 4th when we welcomed our little girl, Asha.  Then I took MORE pictures….edited a few…posted a few…But forget about blogging. Who had time for that with a newborn and a toddler to juggle?

But when the 10th rolled around, I had to do something.  I was in the middle of this amazing workshop called the Ignite workshop with Kate Densmore (you can find out more info at her website, http://www.katedensmore.com).  She’s like my new photography crush.  What an amazing teacher.  I’m hoping to work with her more in the future to improve my photography.  Anyway, back to the 10th.  So, when the ladies in my usual blog circle asked who was in, I thought, why not. Let me spend a day shooting, and practice what I’ve learned so far.

The 10th fell on a Sunday, the last day of my husband’s paternity leave.  He was off for almost 3 weeks, and it was such a blessing.  I don’t think I could have survived without him.  So it was great to document this day, even though we didn’t do much.  So enjoy the spam of baby pictures! (And for those that follow my Facebook page, some of these might not be new as I’ve used a few of these for my assignments and my project 366)

DSC_6265 DSC_6270 DSC_6274 DSC_6281 DSC_6285 DSC_6290 DSC_6312 DSC_6319 DSC_6341 DSC_6356 DSC_6371 DSC_6379 DSC_6381


To follow the circle and check out some amazing work by my talented friends, click here

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