10 on 10 – October 2015

Saturday was not a great day.  My daughter was on Day 3 of an on again/ off again fever with a really gnarly cough.  It was not pretty.  Lucky for me, she was content to stay on the couch and have a Disney Jr marathon.  At 7 months pregnant, I was happy to sit on the couch as well.  But after a great nap, she regained her energy and was off and running.  So here’s our day!

The pedialyte that my daughter would not drink.


While Ariya was busy with Paw Patrol, I was attempting to learn Photoshop.  DSCF7729

Checking in on the dogs


but the dogs are not interested.


After her awesome nap, she felt well enough to go outside for a little bit.  Bubbles were on the agenda.


and running down our front yard in pretty lightDSCF7760

She’s obsessed with feeding the dog their doggy treats.  DSCF7766

and handing out dog toys


Ending the day with cuddles from with Daddy DSCF7782

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