10 on 10 Blog Circle – April

April 10, 2015.  The day before my baby girl’s 2nd birthday.  Where did the time go?  This is why I took up photography.  To document everything.  Because I can’t freeze time.  I can’t slow it down. So the next best thing is to try and remember everything.  And take pictures of everything.

We’re on our way down to my parents’ house.  We planned on a small, family only birthday party with a Minnie Mouse theme. I can’t wait for Ariya to wake up on the 11th celebrate her special day!  In the meantime, here’s our day.

Technology is key in our household for keeping everyone happy.


Ready for our road trip to see her grandparents.DSC_7433

But wait..let’s go explore first.


Car is all packed up.


But let’s eat lunch first.  Not the healthiest, but oh well.DSC_7469

Beautiful view on our drive down.


Playtime with Nani…



…and Nanu


Last minute present shopping at Toys R Us…but they didn’t have what we wanted, if you can believe that…


So we ended up at Target



Bed time was chaotic, so no bedtime pictures this month. Thanks for reading, and feel free to follow the circle our blog circle here.

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