Day 139 – I see Daddy!

I need to work on my staging better.  Had to move a lot of things out of the way to get this shot, but I should get rid of the stool by the doorway in the sunroom. And I finally ordered a cheapie flash, so hopefully that will help with my lighting issue.  I really want sharp in focus pictures!


Here’s another one, playing with her new favorite remote control.  139_031914_2

Day 137 – Snow on St. Paddy’s day

Can’t believe it snowed today.  Ugh, so over this winter!  But it gave me a reason to put Ariya in her snowsuit.

137_031714_1 137_031714_2

I also took pictures of Ariya trying to feed herself.  This has been an interesting adventure, in teaching Ariya to feed herself.  She loves chewing on her spoon!137_031714_3

And here’s a SOOC (Straight out of Camera) shot of Ariya.  Which led me to my latest frustration of why I can’t get sharp photos of my girl.  Is it because she’s always moving?  Is it because my camera’s highest ISO is 1600?  Is it because the natural light in my house SUCKS?  A combination of all?  I don’t know, but something has to change.  I need to up my shutter speed, decrease my aperture, raise my ISO.  The only thing about maxing out my ISO is that I hate the grain.  A work in progress though.  And I have come a long way in my 137 days of shooting daily.  But I still feel like i have  TON to learn.  And I want to know it all NOW!  


Day 125 – 131 – Part 2 of San Diego, LA and back home


FINALLY caught up!  Whew, this was a doozy.  Here we go.


San Diego Night Sky




Lone Surfer.  I wish the sky wasn’t so blown out, but I thought it was a pretty cool shot.126_030614_1


Ariya checking out Laguna Beach.  Wish I had backed up a bit so her feet aren’t cut off, but still a cute shot.



Here’s a better one.  Ariya playing with the sand.127_030714_2


Walk around in LA.



Beautiful cathedral in Hollywood



Hike to the Hollywood sign.  Yes, my baby is sleeping while we’re hiking.  129_030914_1


Playing around with presets.





My girl is 11 months old!!  Look at those teeth!131_031114_1



Day 121 – 124 – Part 1 of San Diego

It’s been a few days since I’ve written a post, but I had to take a  much deserved break from this horrible winter weather.  We jumped coasts to Sunny San Diego to visit our old friends.  Here are a few photos that I took from our trip. We stayed with our friends, the Sigmons.

Here is the stormy cost of San Diego.


Play time with Daddy.  “I got your nose!”

122_030214_1 122_030214_2


This is my friends’ daughter Lily.  She’s such a spitfire, and Ariya loved hanging out with her.


My gorgeous friend Jen, Lily’s mom.  She’s really into nutrition and wholesome eating.  Check out her blog if you get a chance.  Her recipes, especially the sweet potato hash with friend eggs is AWESOME.  http://www.wholesomelyraised.com124_030414_1

Day 120 – Peekaboo!

Ok, back to photographing babies.  or my baby, that is.  My friend on Facebook suggested I go through each room at different times of the day to see where the light falls.  I discovered that my bedroom actually has amazing light in the morning.  I never realized, because we always keep the  blinds down and we’re usually downstairs in front of the tv with the dogs, or we’re in Ariya’s room.  So, I thought it was great to use the light, and not worry so much about the settings.  Here’s Ariya playing peekaboo.