Day 140 and 141 – Remote Control and Cats

This girl is love with the remote control.  I’m not sure why she doesn’t play with her toy remote control, or the other 2 remote controls w/o batteries in them.  Nope, she wants the one remote control that actually works.  She loves those buttons.


140_032014_2 140_032014_3

And here’s Day 141.  Got my cheapie vivitar bounce flash.  Love how it crapped out on me after a handful of shots.  Yeah, that’s what I get for buying a cheapie flash.  And of course B&H is closed until Monday.  ugh, should I splurge, or should I get another cheapie?  I did like the results…. Here’s Lucky, checking out the flash.141_032114_1

And here’s a black & white version.


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