Day 125 – 131 – Part 2 of San Diego, LA and back home


FINALLY caught up!  Whew, this was a doozy.  Here we go.


San Diego Night Sky




Lone Surfer.  I wish the sky wasn’t so blown out, but I thought it was a pretty cool shot.126_030614_1


Ariya checking out Laguna Beach.  Wish I had backed up a bit so her feet aren’t cut off, but still a cute shot.



Here’s a better one.  Ariya playing with the sand.127_030714_2


Walk around in LA.



Beautiful cathedral in Hollywood



Hike to the Hollywood sign.  Yes, my baby is sleeping while we’re hiking.  129_030914_1


Playing around with presets.





My girl is 11 months old!!  Look at those teeth!131_031114_1



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