Day 150 – “fake” double exposure

I love the pictures out there of double exposure.  Some use a camera setting, overlaying 1 image over the other in the camera.  Others use photoshop.  This picture is really just a reflection of me through the door while trying to take a picture of my pup on the other side.  I like it, it’s weird, but I like it.


Day 144 and 145 – Family time and more baby pics

My parents came to visit for the weekend, so I had to take group photos.  Unfortunately, I used the light from my huge window incorrectly.  The light seemed pretty harsh, and I didn’t really have a way around processing it.  So here goes144_032414_1 144_032414_3.


And then today, I ended up taking a series of photos of my girl staring out the window watching it snow…I played around with different edits.  i like them all.

145_032514_1 145_032514_6 145_032514_5 145_032514_4 145_032514_3 145_032514_2


Day 143 – Babies and Grandma

I took a lot of great pictures today.  But I’m so irritated that the flash isn’t working, because they were still so dark.  And the aperture wasn’t set correctly, so a lot of pics were out of focus.  Either the grandparent is out of focus, or the dog is out of focus.  So frustrating. But I’m learning.  And there’s an example of a belly shot that is so freaking cute, so I tried that with Ariya..but she was so wiggly, so that didn’t work out.  But here are a few cute pictures for today.

143_032314_1 143_032314_2 143_032314_3

Day 142 – Puppy and Grandparents

In a rut yet again.  I need to look into some creative exercises, because taking pictures of the baby and the animals are starting to get old.  Well…taking pictures of my daughter will never get old, but still.  I need to do something interesting.  Anyway, I’m trying to figure out how these presets work, trying to improve my editing skills.  here are a few pics of Charlie, and Ariya with her grandparents.

142_032214_1 142_032214_2 142_032214_3

Day 140 and 141 – Remote Control and Cats

This girl is love with the remote control.  I’m not sure why she doesn’t play with her toy remote control, or the other 2 remote controls w/o batteries in them.  Nope, she wants the one remote control that actually works.  She loves those buttons.


140_032014_2 140_032014_3

And here’s Day 141.  Got my cheapie vivitar bounce flash.  Love how it crapped out on me after a handful of shots.  Yeah, that’s what I get for buying a cheapie flash.  And of course B&H is closed until Monday.  ugh, should I splurge, or should I get another cheapie?  I did like the results…. Here’s Lucky, checking out the flash.141_032114_1

And here’s a black & white version.