Day 103 and 104 / 365 – Baby girl is 10 months old and Abandoned barn

I took advantage of my baby girl falling asleep in the car by taking a drive around my area. Found a few abandoned buildings, but I liked the processing on this one. My husband says it looks creepy scary abandoned.



After getting a critique from my Facebook 365 group that I’m a part of, here’s another edit of the barn.  Really makes the barn stand out here:


Also, I forgot to post Day 103.  It was late in the day, and I forgot to take a picture of my girl wearing her 10 month sticker.  Wow, how time flies!!


Day 101 and 102 / 365

This week, the theme is abandoned.  However, I got a bunch of new presets in Lightroom that I wanted to play with, so my girl and I had a little photoshoot.  She was not too happy with me taking her toy away from her.


For this one, I’d say the abandoned theme works.  I found this abandoned bird’s nest in my backyard.  Tomorrow, I think I’ll take a drive and try to find some abandoned buildings around here.




Day 96 – 98 / 365 – Liquid Theme

Alright, I tried something new.  The theme was Liquid, and I got a few shots in.

I attempted to take a picture of water dripping from the faucet in the kitchen sink.  This was hard!  I think this was the only picture out of maybe 20 that were somewhat clear.96_020414_1


It’s tea time!  The lens cap was right next to the tea cup, so I had to try and edit that.  97_020514_1

Frozen liquid.  This was during our ice storm.  I wish the focus was more on the icicles then the actual branch, but it’s still a cool picture, right? 98_020614_1

Day 93 – Day 95/ 365 – Time to catch up

I’ve been slacking again.  I really need to check out some creative exercises, because I feel like I”m in a rut.  I’m taking pictures of the same stuff, and I look at everyone else’s pictures and feel like mine are nowhere near as cool.  Oh well, at least I’m still picking up my camera.  The Project 365 group that I’m a part of on Facebook has a liquid theme for this week.  I’m going to attempt some liquid photos, but we’ll see how those turn out.  Here are a few pictures from this weekend.

93_020114 94_020214_3 95_020314_1 95_020314_2

Day 92 – Sunrise

One of the suggestions that I got from yesterday was to see how Charlie looked if the picture was Black and White.  So I thought I’d play around with the levels. Here it is.



And here’s the first time that I’ve taken a sunrise.  The colors were beautiful.  I enhanced it slightly with Lightroom