Day 107/ 108 – my baby girl



For day 107, we went to a nearby winery.  I’m so proud of my baby girl, she’s really a good kid.  As long as she’s not sleepy, she’s pretty much a happy go lucky girl.  Here she is on my husband’s lap, while we’re enjoying wine and cheese for a belated Valentine’s Day celebration.


For day 108, I feel like something clicked for me to get more in focus.  Before, I had shot at f1.8 aperture, which means the window is smaller to get in focus.  But I think these pictures were shot at f2.0.  So I’ve been experimenting with it.108_021614

Someone within my project 365 group suggested I try to crop Ariya’s eyes in the upper left thirds.  I’m not one to follow much rules, but I gave it a try.  The Rule of thirds is a rule that some photographers use that allows the viewers eyes to draw into the picture, it’s supposed to be naturally pleasing to the eye.  It’s a shame that I couldn’t compose it originally, but here goes my attempt.



Someone else suggested a black and white conversion and straighten out the bannister so here goes.




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