Day 77 – Playing with shadows

I love my puppy Charlie.  I say puppy, but he’s really 2 years old.  And he’s such a stubborn teenager.  He’s taught me a lot, he’s definitely pushed my limits in what I was willing to do for a dog.  This dog is a high energy dog who requires a LOT of mental and physical activity.  When we rescued him at 5 months, I had every intention of looking for a great jogging partner.  Of course I end up pregnant a few months later and we move to a rental with no fenced in backyard.  Poor guy had so much pent up energy .  He’s jumped privacy fences, he’s shredded dog beds…you get the picture.  Anyway, we’re now in a bigger home with a fenced in backyard, but unfortunately, he has become reactive to people and other dogs, which makes it harder to exercise him, especially while I have a little one in a stroller.  We’re working with a trainer, but unfortunately, now that my baby is crawling and walking, he is just very uncomfortable.  So we’re looking into rehoming him.  Part of me will always hope that we can move past this phase and everyone lives happily ever after.  I know I’ll definitely be picky of what happens to Charlie next.  We’ve invested so much time and money and training into this dog, to set him up for success.  Who knows what will happen.

Damn I love this troublemaker.  Here are 2 versions, a black and white version and color.  Which do you like better?

77_011614_2 77_011614


Day 76/365 – On the go

My baby is on the go!  I can’t believe she’s walking now, she’s only 9 months old!  She has this activity table that she loves pushing all around the kitchen.  here’s a picture of her rounding the corner.



On another note, I’m still a little flustered on how to work iPhoto, and photo storage/file systems.  Why did I move over to mac?  I feel like I need to take a class on this!  But I did run out and get a 1.5TB external hard drive, so that’s something.  Now do I get another backup hard drive?  Do I store my photos on my laptop?  I have no clue.

Day 74/ 365 – Couldn’t choose

Took a few pictures today, but wasn’t really inspired.  And of course, now I can’t choose which one to publish, so I’ll just post both of them.

My baby girl has started walking.  It’s a little ridiculous, considering that she just turned 9 months old.  I caught her pushing her activity table and taking steps.  Amazing.  My husband got a better video of her with her walker.  I just can’t believe it, I’m not ready for this!

Here she is lounging with her daddy.



And here’s Charlie bear.  I swear, as much as he drives me crazy with his special needs, he’s the one that I take the most pictures of out of all my pets.



Day 73/ 365 – Play date

Today was not a very creative day for me.  I took my puppy to scent work class, which knocked him out for pretty much the rest of the day.  Best investment ever.  If I could take him to this class every day, I would.  Then I took Ariya for a play date with her friend Sei.  I’m not really impressed with this picture, and I think I over-processed it.  And  guess I didn’t have enough space or thought to back up to get his whole head.  But hey, it’s a learning process, right? Plus kids move so fast!


Day 69/ 365 – More sunlight shots with Charlie

Here’s a great shot from yesterday.  The blinds were open, the light was streaming in, we had a really good play session, the dogs were tuckered out.  Here’s Charlie sunning himself.  And I had an epiphany, let me get on their level.  So I put the camera on the ground and guessed at the settings.  It came out looking pretty good.  I was going to edit it in Lightroom, but I have no idea what to do, so I figured I’d let this be.  I like this picture a lot though.


Day 68 – Playing with sunlight

I’m finally playing with my new laptop.  How in the world does anyone get through the learning curve with mac?  it’s so DIFFERENT!  Oh well, I’m hoping that making this jump was the right decision.  wish me luck!

And on top of that, I downloaded a free trial of Lightroom 5.  Wow, overwhelming much!  I’m trying to youtube tutorials, but with the “awesome” speed of satellite internet (can you tell I’m being sarcastic?), it’s a no go.  So I ordered a Scott Kelby book on LR.  I remember liking his book on photography as an overview, so hopefully he’ll help break down what LR is all about

in the meantime, I had a pretty great “photoshoot” this morning.  I took a lot of great photos of Ariya and the dogs, which I’ll post today and in the coming days.

And here’s my first attempt of editing.  Enjoy!