Day 90/91 – Nap time

I need to take this photography thing on the road, in a different setting.  I feel like I’m in another rut, and I just need to get out of this environment, take pictures of different subjects.  I live in a pretty scenic area, and there are always cows and sheep to look at.  I wish I could just pull over and take some pictures.  But this country road does not have any shoulders, and I’d probably make some drivers pretty upset.  I can’t wait until it warms up, so that I can take Ariya for a stroll and take some scenic pictures.

In the mean time, I’ve captured (or attempted to capture) nap time for Ariya and Charlie.  I say attempted to for Ariya because she can be a light sleeper.  I’ve tried taking pictures of her when she’s asleep, but she wakes up as soon as I walk in her room!  So here’s the first picture that I actually got of her lying down.  She’s always on the go, so this was pretty huge.


it’s also hard to capture Charlie napping, only because he’s always trying to do something, go somewhere, be outside.  I think I’ve let him out 3 times already in one hour tonight!  There’s always something exciting out there.  But for once, he was calm today.  Must have been that huge flinstone type bone that he’s been gnawing on all day.


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