Day 89 – Blocks and Cribs

I  received some constructive criticism regarding my use of aperture/shutter speed/ISO in low light situations.  The problem is, my kitchen does not have a lot of light.  So I have to crank up the ISO, decrease the shutter speed and aperture to get a decent shot.  The problem is that the pictures are not tack sharp.  Here’s the picture that was commented on.


Another CC was that the hand shouldn’t have been cut off.  The problem is, this baby just crawls too fast, and I couldn’t back up fast enough!  Definitely need to keep framing in mind when I compose these shots.

So, with all this in mind, I decided to do a “photoshoot” in Ariya’s bedroom.  She has amazing light, and I could adjust the shutter speed and aperture to create more focus.  Hope I’m making progress.

89_012814_2 89_012814_3



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