Day 34/35/36 of 365

Day 34 and 35

It was a beautiful day in Winchester a few days ago when I took this picture.  After my baby’s music class, we decided to take a walk through the walking mall, grab a coffee and take some pictures.  We haven’t put up our holiday decorations yet at the house and I’ve been dying to take pictures of some ornaments and lights, etc.  Hopefully we’ll put up the tree this weekend.  In the meantime, there were plenty of holiday decorations in Old Town Winchester.

35_120513 34_120413

Day 36

Today was a very gloomy cold rainy day. None of the pictures that I took around the house were very successful, so I thought I’d embrace the rain this one time.



Day 32 and 33/ 365

I know I said I’d take pictures of every day things and try not to focus heavily on my baby or pets, but I haven’t been able to pick up the camera for the past few days.  My girl has her first ear infection, so I’ve been dealing with a fussy baby.  So these pictures are from past sessions.

Here’s a profile shot of Emmy, who loves to turn her back to me when she wants some attention.  She loves getting her back rubbed.  I wish my other dog Charlie wasn’t in the shot, it would have looked a lot cleaner.


Here’s a picture of my sweet girl.  Look at those eyelashes!  She was happy gnawing on a wooden music stick.


Day 31/365 – Charlie has the munchies

In my last post, I said I’d try to look to find artistic views in every day items.  The pets and baby are usually easy models for me while I practice what I learn.  But I feel like it gets a little old and maybe I should switch it up.  So, today I brought out the lensbaby and tried to play around in the backyard.  And what shot did I end up getting?  My dog.  here he is, munching on some mulch.


Day 28/ 365 – Family time at Thanksgiving

This project is really helping me figure out the ins and outs of my camera.  So far, I’ve read about the exposure triangle, and played with the ISO/shutter speed/aperture to get the right exposure.  Now, I haven’t really messed with the white balance at all.  Well, turns out that I should have, if I wanted to get decent looking pictures for Thanksgiving!  With no natural light, the fluorescent lights were giving off a yellowish orange hue on all of the pictures that I took.  Since I still don’t have photoshop or lightroom (hint hint to anyone out there that wants to buy me a Christmas/birthday present), I’ve had to adjust the exposure in, but I can’t wait to truly edit using photo processing software.


Day 27/365 – lensbaby

I was so excited when I received 2 new lenses to play with from  This picture was taken with the lensbaby composer pro w/ sweet 35 optic.  Unfortunately, my baby girl was very clingy and would not let me put her down for more than a second.  So, as usual, she became my subject for the day.  This is not the greatest picture, but I do love the effect that the lensbaby gives.  I love a great fisheye detail.