Playing catch up again – Day 49-59/ 365

The holidays definitely came way too soon for me.  I spent some time with the family in Richmond, and had the lucky treat of seeing my brother and sister in law from Singapore and meeting my neice Eila for the very first time.  Ariya truly enjoyed playing with her cousin, and seeing them together was just too cute!  We also were lucky to see my aunt and uncle and their 2 sons from Pennsylvania.  It was great that they could meet Eila and Ariya as well.  So, with that being said, I have over 500 pictures to go through, and it was a bit overwhelming.  And honestly, I’m not even going to attempt to edit these pictures.  A lot of these pictures are either too blue or too orange, because I played around with the white balance.  Don’t hold it against me, I am still learning.

49_121913 50_122013 51_122113 52_122213 53_122313 54_122413 55_122513 56_122613 57_122713 58_122813 59_122913

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