Day 9/10/11 – Slacker catch up post

Hey blogger world, slacker here.  Life has caught up with me, taking care of my baby girl and dealing with my dogs.  And honestly, I feel like I’m in a rut.  I should take the time to explore Winchester and the surrounding areas, but I’ve gotten lazy.  Which is why you’re only seeing pictures of my baby, pets, and backyard.  But I will snap out of it.  I’m heading to Richmond this weekend, so hopefully you’ll get a variety of different pictures.

Day 9 – playtime on the floor.  I like that her hands are in focus, they’re so tiny!

Hands and Mouth

Hands and Mouth

Day 10 – Poor Charlie played rough with my other dog Emmy and had his ear torn.  He was excited to be outside, but the cone kept getting in the way of his fun.  I love the combination of sun and shade on this picture.

The cone of shame

The cone of shame

Day 11 – my baby girl turned 7 months today!  Time sure does fly

7 Months today!

7 Months today!

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